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Morning Quickies: Sunday Morning Sports Section

Good Morning sports fans. Welcome to the Sunday Sports section of the Morning Quickies. Let us see what we can find on yet another dreary, rainy morning.

Sometimes rain begats beauty.
Sometimes rain begats beauty.

First things first. I have no idea why God has seen fit to bless us here in the east with all this rain. However, lest we forget that there are other parts of the world and also this country, here is the U.S. Drought Monitor. You will note that if you are west of the Mississippi, you are probably in some stage of drought. From all of us here in the east, we send our condolences.

And now for the world of sport.

Someone needs to tell Jimmie Johnson that he is not playing well with others. He has enough Sprint Cups to start his own set of dishes. Share the wealth Jimmie.

A blast from the past. Anyone remember the 1984 Orange Bowl? You know, back when it really meant something to go to a bowl game. This is Tom Osborne's pull one out of thin air game when he decided to go for 2. It not only sealed his legacy, it probably won him an election or two in the past couple of decades. Could he have known on that night what it would mean? Who knows.

Butler Basketball has it's new leader. They found him the same way they usually do, in the yearbook. Brandon Miller has some connection to Kentucky as well. He was a senior on the 2003 Butler team that knocked off Louisville to get into the regional semifinal of the NCAA Tournament. Anyone who has a history of knocking off Louisville gets my vote.

How will Kentucky replace Nerlens Noel? The same way we always do, with another superstar. How will the rest of college basketball replace their Lottery picks this season? That may not be so easy.

Were Urban Meyer and his staff responsible for enabling Aaron Hernandez when he was playing at Florida? This seems like a stretch for me as I can't see any direct correlation. Authorities, however, are looking into whether or not Hernandez might have been involved in another shooting back when he was a 17yr old freshman at Florida.

Digger Phelps has been declared cancer-free by his doctors. Great news. Glad to see that he has fully recovered. Of course that probably means he will be dancing on the floor at Rupp Arena again sometime soon...

This lady is doing World War II veterans proud. She did it while going through stage IV colon cancer, she did it without a computer, and she did it for no profit. Margaret Creech Burkett has written, "Never To Be Forgotten". Perhaps it is she that should never be forgotten.

If I am UNC, I am hiding in a corner and praying that none of this P.J. Hairston mess gets on me. Because it just keeps getting worse.

KSR gives us three reasons why we might want Dante Exum. This has been discussed a little prior to today. Exum might indeed be able to help out UK. Will he be a factor? When Calipari is involved, never think that anyone would be excluded from being a factor.

Eloy Vargas has joined the Knicks summer league team. I think the Knicks will be pleasantly surprised at what Eloy brings to the table.

Although I am loathe to read anything from Bleacher Report, here are their rankings of the 5 greatest shots in UK history. Judge for yourself.

That's about it for today. Not sure if Glenn will be back in the saddle tomorrow or if I will get another day for this, however, either way, this has been a fun few days running these out at you folks. Enjoy your Sunday, look around for some sunshine, and always remember that rain or shine, the sky is Big Blue in Kentucky.

[Editor's note: I changed the photo today to one I took yesterday evening after another day filled with rain. The sun peeked out for a few minutes and produced the brightest, most colorful, double rainbow I have ever seen in all my days on this earth. The photo was taken with my phone and doesn't give the scene justice but I didn't think Greg would mind that I shared it. Happy Sunday, everyone. - a2]