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Saturday Morning Quickies: Baby, The Rain Must Fall Edition

Well, more and more rain, surprise surprise. We have The Oakland A's winning by a strange method, an ceremonial pitch for the ages, and if you should need it, boats for sale. To top it off, Dwight Howard decides to "Go East!"

This is going to be a common sight today!
This is going to be a common sight today!
Al Bello

Dwight Howard has decided to become a Houston Rocket. Is this the best place for him? I believe it is better than Golden State, anyway.

OK. I like baseball. Some of you like baseball. I have followed baseball for close to 50 years. I have NEVER seen a first pitch like this!!!

Rick Reilly plays the What If? game. This is actually kinda cool. Makes you wonder.

Coach Stoops marketing strategies seem to be paying off. At least I think so.

Just so we know that UK is about academics as well as athletics.

Your 2013 Kentucky Spring Football Media Guide

Rain got you swamped? Here is a pontoon boat for sale in Fordsville, KY. Has no motor, is a motor in Jacksboro,Tn.!!

Brad Stevens is thrilled to be at Boston. Give me 22M and see how thrilled I am. (My last post on the Stevens situation, I promise)

Warde Manuel, athletic director at UConn, says that he is tired of looking for somewhere else to be and that UConn will stay in the AAC. Good luck being a big part of the national picture there, Warde.

LaVall Jordan, a former Butler player, and now a Michigan assistant has become the front-runner for the Butler job.

First A-Rod, now Derek Jeter is ready to start his comeback. Can the Yankees find their version of harmony once again?

For those of you looking to get in shape, be careful doing it.

Donald Trump is going to become 5M if he needs it.

Because it seems appropriate [via a2d2].

Try and stay dry today. Hopefully all this rain will go away by tonight for all those who were hoping to finally get their fireworks displays in. Until tomorrow!!