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Morning Quickies: Noah's Ark Edition

Rain, rain everywhere. Fireworks displays canceled throughout Kentucky, and other states. Most being moved to Saturday where they are no more sure they will have dry weather than today. Speaking of which it is raining outside my window for the 9th straight day here in South-Central Kentucky. At this rate we may need to break out the life boats.

At least someone got fireworks last night!!!
At least someone got fireworks last night!!!
Jim McIsaac

This morning's quickies are probably going to be pretty thin. There is really not much going on in the way of sport, unless you are a Wimbledon fanatic. So, let us delve into what we have.

Jeremy Fowler over at has a piece on college football and the media. He asks the question, "Who has the most say?". I find myself remembering the golden rule. "He who has the gold, makes the rules."

Over in the world of NASCAR. 31 cars failed inspection for this week's races in two different series. The violation? Spacers in the hinges of roof flaps had been machined down to a smaller size to remove weight. I ask you, how much weight can you remove by shaving down a bushing on a hinge? EGAD

The Golden State Warriors want Dwight Howard. The Howard to L.A. experiment has now been ruled a failure and Kobe has had his say, so Howard is heading for greener pastures. Golden State? I am not so sure.

This is a bit of an infomercial, but he's our guy, so I say we have a look. Radio interview with Derek Anderson about his book, "Stamina". He's a Wildcat. Wildcats can talk about growing flowers and I will listen. It's from a little while back, but I just found it.

SEC Football predictions, Over/Unders on the entire SEC. Kentucky? Well, let's just say that the author thinks the same way I do. He sees progress.

Coach Cal is in New York, From Facebook: John Calipari

Good morning, Big Blue Nation. In NYC for a Yankees game with Brad and some friends. Stopped at St. Pats this morning and lit candles for my friends.

The Big Blue Nation as a Sixth man? I would have thought 6th, 7th, and 8th.

Alex Rodriguez wants to stay in New York and fight through his problems. Probably a smart strategy considering that no one else wants to take him and his headaches on. The Yankees live for that stuff.

Butler players are in shock after the Brad Stevens departure. Just some other guys who the experts don't see being affected.

Not all of the fireworks displays went off as planned last night....ugh.