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Morning Quickies: It's Independence Day Edition

A few things to look over as I hope and pray you enjoy your holiday with your family and friends. Have a hot dog, pick a song or two, light some sparklers and remember that freedom isn't free.

I really hope he IS getting bigger, AND better!!
I really hope he IS getting bigger, AND better!!

OK, we have already discussed this quite a bit in other threads, so I am not going to go on at length about it, however, I am in complete, utter disbelief at Boston and their hiring of Brad Stevens as head coach of the Celtics. Some folks have pointed out a few benefits on both sides (22M is nothing to shake a stick at); I, however, just cannot see the fit. Prove me wrong, Brad.

Dana O'Neil gets her .02 in on the Stevens hire.

Eamonn Brennan shows me why he and I never agree on much, he's all in. He claims everyone wins but Butler. I guess he doesn't consider college basketball, a fledgling new Big East Conference, and all of Stevens' players anyone.

Jeff Goodman's Podcast on how Boston got the job done in luring Brad Stevens to Beantown.

And now for some UK news. While this is not related much to UK Basketball, there are some really good things in this bunch.

Kentucky finishes in the Top-25 of the Director's Cup. This is a huge measuring stick on how your overall athletic program is headed.

UK Senior Ben Stow qualifies for The Open Championship. Looks like we have a Wildcat headed across the pond.

Wildcat punter Landon Foster is on the CFPA Watch List. He is joined by junior defensive end Alvin "Bud" Dupree and senior linebacker Avery Williamson. They should have some company on this list in years to come if Coach Stoops has his way.

Alex Poythress is still growing???

Follow Cal in this video of his day at the racetrack for the Quaker State 400. Riding in the car with Cal. I like it.

While Kentucky may not be making Ohio State nervous in their recruiting just yet (thanks, Hank), it seems that Florida just might be and Urban Meyer is not having any of it.

For your 4th of July enjoyment, the best fireworks displays in sports. Kinda cool.

An All-American celebration could not be complete without a classic song from the past that we can all sing along to, so:

Kenny Rogers & Mac Davis - Hard To Be Humble LIVE (via thundereye92)

Ole Miss has lost a lineman to a tragic accident. Park Stevens is dead at 20 years old. Our condolences go out to Ole Miss, the young man's family, and the Ole Miss fans.

Tyreke Evans gets 44M to play in New Orleans and join Anthony Davis. The Calipari player stream just keeps making bank.

Derrick Rose explains his decisions in his lengthy rehab. Sounds to me like the kid is just being smart. Selfish is nothing more than a label in this case.

Evidence is just piling up against Aaron Hernandez. What a waste of talent and a lot of effort on the part of those who have spent a lot of their time coaching this kid into a ball player.

Since it's July 4th, a list of all of the All-Americans in Kentucky basketball history (courtesy of Walter's Wildcat World).

Well, there's a few things to celebrate, complain over, or just lose yourself in today. Everyone enjoy the day, be safe, and if you see a veteran today, shake their hand. After all, this is another holiday we can celebrate because they did their job. Not sure when Glenn will be back to full-time, however, I have offered to at least finish out the weekend, so let's enjoy it.