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Please Welcome James Streble To A Sea of Blue

A new author has arrived for the front page of A Sea of Blue.

Ladies and gentlemen of A Sea of Blue, I am pleased to introduce our newest front page author, James Streble. James comes to us after having written for a blog he co-owned called Sports That, he moved on to Wildcat Blue Nation, Fansided's Kentucky blog, where he was one of the front page authors for a while.

Now, James has decided to join us at A Sea of Blue, and we are most happy to have him with us. James has a bit of noteriety about him in the Big Blue Nation in that he was the one who started the "Free Enes" movement, as chronicled by John Clay in this piece from back in 2010, and also in this piece at ESPN. It never hurts to be the guy that started a popular Kentucky Wildcats meme, and we here at A Sea of Blue well remember those days.

So please join me in welcoming James to A Sea of Blue. He, like the rest of us, will try to give you coverage of the Kentucky Wildcats "for the discerning fan," as we have lo these many years since Josh Weil started this community for SB Nation back on March 2, 2006.

Welcome, James!