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Kentucky Basketball: Julius Randle Provides Lessons In Domination

Julius Randle demonstrates why, and how, he dominates his opponents.

Julius Randle. Get used to that name. Get used to hearing that name a lot, both on the court, and when talking about the 2014 NBA draft.

This is a highlight video, a short one at that, and as such, tells you very little about Randle's actual game in a team setting, so there's that. We all know the utility of these things is limited.

With that said, here's what we can see. Randle plays the game well above the rim. His jumpshot form is excellent, and he has range that will likely extend at least to the college 3-point line. He attacks the rim like an Archie Goodwin, but unlike Goodwin, he can make the perimeter shot when the drive isn't there. Randle can get his own shot anytime he needs to.

We see him handle like a guard, his off-hand hand a major factor off the bounce, but not at the rim. Randle is broad, and thick, and fast for a man his size. He finishes at the hoop like a freight train, and he has major ups.

Here's what you can't see that I know Randle possesses: a polished low-post game, tremendous rebounding ability, a nose for the basketball and the ability to guard his position. He also has a killer instinct, and "presence" on the basketball court. His body language says, "You can't stop me and we both know it."

What we really don't know is if he is a willing passer and a good teammate. We can't be sure if he has a high basketball IQ, is a good defender, or if he communicates well with his teammates. We don't know if he will be his brother's keeper.

The bottom line is this: If what we don't know is close to what we do, this guy is Player of the Year material. He doesn't get Andrew Wiggins' hype, but he has the kind of game it takes to get any competent team to the Final Four.

Hat tip: The Hoop Doctors