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Kentucky Football: Brady Taylor, 2014 Offensive Tackle, Picks Virginia Tech Over Kentucky

Win some, lose some.

Happy Frank.
Happy Frank.
Kevin C. Cox

We were hoping for another big Yahtzee! this afternoon, but three star offensive tackle Brady Taylor decided to cast his lot with the Virginia Tech Hokies, choosing Blacksburg over Lexington.

This is by no means a huge loss, but you hate to lose any recruits to non-SEC competition. With that said, Virginia Tech has a terrific football tradition that UK lacks. Taylor told that he had a tough, back-and-forth thought process over the last month or so, but he decided to cast his lot with Frank Beamer's team.

Congratulations to Brady on his choice, and all the best to him. Kentucky is going to lose a few of these battles, especially when taking on programs like Virginia Tech, who have a bigger reputation in football than UK. I'm sure that Mark Stoops & Co. will dust themselves off and take the "next man up" approach as they seek to shore up the UK offensive line.

I've heard that a few people were shocked about this announcement. To them, I ask, "Seriously? Dude!" It isn't as if Taylor chose Mississippi Valley St. over UK or anything. Losing a recruiting battle to Virginia Tech is no cause for alarm, especially when it was as nip-and-tuck as this one apparently was.

Moving on. Go, 'Cats!