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Kentucky Wildcats Saturday Quickies: Mark Stoops Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky linebacker Avery Williams nominated to Allstate Good Works Team. UK top target Matt Elam gets offer from Tennessee. Updates from UK athletes in Ethiopia. More.

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Mark Stoops has been knocking the proverbial ball out of the park lately, drawing huge crowds in Louisville and for his Women's Football Clinic, and making a classic and hilarious response to ESPN's Colin Cowherd after Cowherd criticized him.

Tweets of the Morning:

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Kentucky's Avery Williamson nominated for the Allstate Good Works Team. Congrats!
  • The UK 2013 Football Media Guide is now available. Get it here. Lotsa good info on the coaching and support staff. I download mine every year. [Hank]
  • There are so many things I disagree with here (other than the facts), I don't even know where to begin. [hank]

    [Glenn] I am in complete agreement with Hank. Petrino is not going to be taking many recruits from an SEC and ACC school to Conference USA. That's just not rational — it doesn't happen an it won't. Petrio is a good recruiter, but he's no Nick Saban. He's a much better coach than recruiter.

    I'd be more worried about him coaching up a bunch of 2-stars and 3-stars than recruiting 4-stars to Western.

  • Read about Kentucky's under the radar players at Varsity Preps. Also some info on UK recruits. [Hank]

  • Meet UK recruit WR Kadeem Goulbourne. Better make up your mind or be left behind. [Hank]

    [Glenn] Said Kentucky, never. Until now.

  • Oh Please! Gimmee a break. [Hank].

    [Glenn] Indeed. The classification of the good doctor is species: Human. Subspecies: Douchebag.

  • Flippin' Flippin' Flippin' the night away. And so it begins. It could happen to us. We need to hold on tighter... [Hank]

  • ...which brings me to this music video of the day [Hank]

  • Alabama blog talks about Kentucky. It's pretty much what you'd expect, except it's not as condescending as is often the case with other SEC blogs.

  • Louisville chapter of the UK Alumni Association is definitely amped about the prospects of Kentucky football, and taking the "U of L" out of the news in the River City:

    The moment the River City chapter of the BBN realized Stoops and his current staff were, in fact, not messing around was last January when it marched into Trinity High School and convinced star defensive end Jason Hatcher to renounce his Southern Cal commitment and sign instead with UK.

    "You have to have some substance, and that's why we signed Jason Hatcher," Stoops told the crowd Friday. "Not because of the way we carried ourselves in that building, but because of the substance that would go behind it.

    More here from Kyle Tucker.

  • Matt Elam gets a Tennessee offer. That'll make it that much sweeter when he picks UK (hope!).

  • Three UK freshmen, all on defense, who may get to play immediately.
  • Mark Stoops is not a silver-tongued devil. But he is getting it done, because his passion and confidence is coming through.
  • The Women's Football Clinc at UK draws a crowd of over 500. Excitment? I'd say yes.
  • Neal Brown explains how Kentucky will evaluate three quarterbacks at the same time. I like that Mark Stoops is giving Brown a lot of freedom to innovate.
  • Absolutely my favorite "up yours!" response of all time: Colin Cowherd of ESPN took a shot at Mark Stoops for sending large numbers of letters to recruits, and Stoops sent Cowherd 50 letters from UK. Hilarious! Your move, Colin.
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