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Kentucky Football: New Air Raid Video

Kentucky's marketing department just keeps killing it on the promotional videos.

It's getting to where I can't wait for the next marketing video to be released for the UK football team. These things have really been fantastic in every way, and they really do amp up the excitement, for me at least.

This latest one is no exception. It uses the same short bursts of team photos and faux interference to give a kind of visual overload. you have to watch it a time or two to figure out all the stuff they cram into such a short clip. I like how it hits you and hits you with audio and visual effects after starting from a black screen.

I have no idea what it takes to do stuff like this, but I really find it amazing. I'm looking forward to the next one, and I think that's exactly what the creators of these short ads want. For me, at least, they have the desired effect of increasing excitement, even though my head is busily explaining that "Victory! Kentucky!" is not something I'll be hearing a lot of this year.