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Kentucky Football: T.V. Williams Talks Kentucky, Wants To Play Right Away

T.V. Williams may be small, but he has a big heart and big speed.

You know, every now and then a player comes along that you can just fall in love with, and I must confess to having a serious man-crush on T.V. Williams. This kid has a ton of personality, speaks well in interviews and has a roguish smile on his face all the time. He looks to me like the kind of kid who, despite his rather diminutive size, can really make a difference at Kentucky.

Williams is fast. Williams runs tight routes. Williams is used to success, and picked Kentucky for all the right reasons. When you watch the video above, you’ll see what I mean about that.

Williams has got to get bigger between now and when he reports next season. He needs at least 20# of muscle to really have a chance to achieve his goal, which is to play right away and avoid a red-shirt season. I get the impression that if he has to red-shirt, he will, but he’s going to put up a fight to win a spot on the depth chart.

It’s that kind of competitive player that we really need at Kentucky, and in the SEC, you can never have too much speed or elusiveness. Williams will be playing Randall Cobb’s position of slot receiver, and Kentucky needs all the receivers that they can get right now.