Red Barn Radio Presents: The Fall Creek Boys Live July 17th In Lexington



If you have taken the time to look at this, you are probably scratching the top of your head by now. Be that as it may, if you are in the Lexington, Ky area, and you would like to come out, my Bluegrass Gospel group, The Fall Creek Boys, are going to be in Lexington at The Performance Hall at ArtsPlace. It is located at 161 N. Mill St. Just around the corner from the intersection of 27 and Main St. We will be recording a live Cd on the Red Barn Radio Show. You can see the story at .


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We will be going on at 7PM, on Wednesday, July 17th. This is a live performance recording, that will become our next CD. We will have some traditional Bluegrass, Bluegrass Gospel, and some of our own original material as well. Tickets can be obtained at the door (the red door on Church St. entrance). We will have about 40 minutes of music, about 20 minutes of interview, and we will be available to meet and greet everyone afterwards, or you can just stop by the bus.

I don't know how many folks are close to town, but feel free to come by and be a part of the recording. Everyone who does and stops by will get one of the CD's free when we get them back. So, if you would like to be a part of The Fall Creek Boys Live- The Red Barn Radio Sessions, come down to Performance Hall At Arts Place and join us Wednesday night.

Thanks to Glenn for allowing me to post this, I wasn't sure it would be appropriate. We would love for everyone that wants to attend to get to come out and join us. Take care and you can now rejoin your regularly scheduled Big Blue Programming.