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Kentucky Football: SB Nation Picks Conferences Top To Bottom, Wildcats On Bottom

Unsurprisingly, Kentucky finds themselves at the bottom of the SEC standings. But there are some other interesting things in here.


SB Nation picks the order of finish for each college football Division I conference. I think it's interesting that:

  • The Louisville Cardinals are predicted to lose two games in their incredibly weak conference, tied with the Cincinnati Bearcats (who just lost their head coach) and the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. SB Nation guys, at least, aren't buying the hype.

  • How much schadenfruede would be available if Kentucky was one of the guys that pulled the upset on the Cards? Don't count on it, though, I figure it's pretty unlikely.

  • The Clemson Tigers figure to lose only one game in league - to the Florida St. Seminoles, who are then projected to beat the Miami Hurricanes for the ACC championship. Speaking of Miami, how bad is the Coastal division going to be with Miami expected to win at 5-3?

  • The Ohio St. Buckeyes are reckoned to go undefeated in their first year back from the Jim Tressel-induced bowl ban. How much more can the Michigan Wolverines take before they fire their whole athletics department?

  • Also, try to wrap your mind around a Saban-Meyer death match in the BCS championship game. The great thing is, even if Ohio St. wins, the SEC can still gloat that it took a former SEC coach to finally get the Big Whatever back on top.

  • In the Pac12, the 3rd place team in the North, the Oregon St. Beavers, figure to have a better record than the South's best team, the UCLA Bruins.

  • In the SEC, the Kentucky Wildcats are, as you might expect, figured to drag in dead last, and nobody at SB Nation expects them to win a single SEC game. The Tennessee Volunteers get no respect, either, figuring in at 1-7. The Auburn Tigers are reckoned not to benefit from much Mazlahn Magic, as they are also projected to go winless.

What do you think?