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Kentucky Sports: Morning Quickies -- ACC Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kyle Wiltjer still not sure he's leaving Kentucky, but Gonzaga looks like his leader. Vanderbilt football embroiled in major sex crimes scandal. Drew Barker at the Elite 11 camp. More.

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Jason Szenes

The ACC officially welcomes the Pittsburgh Panthers, the Syracuse Orange, and Notre Dame Fighting Irish (basketball) today. Louisville's gotta wait until next year.

Meanwhile, UConn has no idea who's in its conference, the new AAC.

Tweet of the Morning:

No, Jen, I have exactly the same problem. Very confusing.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Artavis Scott to UCF? Kentucky isn't mentioned. [Hank]

    [Glenn] Let's hope that is just an oversight.

  • Contrary to what you might see over at KSR, here's the real information on the Elite 11 camp. Barker isn't getting much attention, unfortunately. [Hank]

    [Glenn] Barker would have had to make a major impact to get noticed with the competition he's facing. That says less about him than it does about the guys he's going up against.

  • Dilfer mentions Barker in the CBS Sports piece. [Hank]

  • UK's marketing department isn't taking any chances with the Big Blue Nation backing off their football interest.

    Cat Scratches, the UK Athletics blog, has much more on the story with this ad. It's going to run in Sports Illustrated, Time, and The Week, and costs about $15k.

  • For those of you concerned about the Harrison twins and James Young not being on campus yet, Larry Vaught explains why you should relax and enjoy the summer. Hat tip: Aaron's blog

Kentucky basketball
  • Kyle Wiltjer still a Wildcat, and is on the horns of a three-pronged dilemma. I still think he's more likely to leave than stay. Consider:

    The Wiltjers visited Gonzaga on Wednesday and Thursday, meeting with coach Mark Few and looking over the campus and athletic facilities.

    Few and his staff "would very much love to have him," Greg says, "but Kyle hasn't made a commitment that he's going there. He has some specific needs. They'll either get met at Kentucky or one or two other schools."

  • SB Nation has more on Wiljter, and they seem to be thinking the same way as I am. More from Ben Roberts here.

  • 2014 point guard Josh Perkins will decide on August 25th, but not before he visits Kentucky and UConn, according to Zagsblog. Consider:

    "It’s a kid’s dream to play for Coach [John] Calipari and play for Kentucky," Randy said. "However, if or when the offer comes, he won’t make a decision until the dust settles."

  • David Harten at NBC thinks that Gonzaga might be the leader for Kyle Wiltjer's services. I think that is likely.

Other UK sports
Links posts
College football
  • Ruh ro, Commodores. Why does this make me think of Bobby Petrino at Louisville and Urban Meyer at Florida?

  • In case you were wondering, Ohio St. is still a football school.

  • SB Nation's Michigan Wolverines blog, Maize N Brew, has some fun at the expense of Mark Dantonio and Michigan St., who recently got into a war of words with Kentucky.

  • Dr. Saturday has more on the Vanderbilt sex crimes investigation. Did you know it was a violation of team rules to stab a fellow teammate with a knife?

  • Pat Forde examines the new conference affiliations, picks winners and losers. This made me laugh:

    Who left: The SEC has no Grant of Rights in place for one simple reason: it doesn’t need one. Nobody wants to leave this league. [...]

    What’s still to come: Not much, other than continued attempts at worldwide domination. Creation of the new SEC Network will be a major undertaking over the next year.

  • 247 Sports ranks the SEC's basketball recruiting classes. There's no doubt about #1, but #2 was surprising.

  • No less than eight 2014 SEC quarterback commits are competing in the Elite 11.

College basketball
Other sports news
  • NBA teams are already tanking the roster in anticipation of the 2014 draft. How hard must it be to be a fan of an NBA franchise.

    Also, the NBA scout quoted for the article said this, apparently about Nerlens Noel:

    "The Sixers are trying to prove that they are smarter than everyone by tricking people into believing trading a 22-year-old All-Star point guard for an injured, undersized five with an attitude problem and a protected pick that is out of Wiggins’ range is a good idea," one NBA GM told

    If he is talking about Noel, that's slander. Every team needs guys with an "attitude problem" like Noel.

  • KSR has an interesting story on why Nerlens Noel fell so far in the draft. Basically, it was his injury that drove it, but knowing that is only half the story.

  • The Phoenix Suns' new head coach Jeff Hornecek thinks Archie Goodwin has a bright future with the team, and I think that's right.

  • Tyreke Evans to the Pelicans? Interesting rumor.

  • Tour de France stage 2 news.

  • Josh Harrellson doing work in China. Wow, 30 points and 23 rebounds? Josh got him some game.