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It's Another Caption Corner Soiree

If you've been looking for this, my apologies for being late.

Kevin C. Cox

First, let's tie a bow on the last Caption Corner post. If you are wondering which one it was because it was ages ago, it was the one with Mark Ingram and Nick Saban conversing in a golf cart. And just like always, you all were very creative. We had a total of 42 rec'ds on the comments and another two-way tie for the winner with both getting 12 rec'ds. Those highlighted comments were :

Mark, I cannot believe that Stoops had the right to play through us on this hole. I mean, come on, I knew he was gaining on us, but not that quickly.
By UK1972

And also

You should have seen their faces when I said I WANTED 9 conference games every season.
By bluecrip

We also have an honorable mention this time. It goes to a visitor from Card Chronicle. He gets recognition because not only did his comment receive seven rec'ds from readers (I loved it) but also for the fact that no one here made him feel unwelcome for participating in our fun.

okay now mark
I learned from petrino that if I wreck this thing you have to hightail it out of here. I won’t tell anyone you were with me

Superb job by everyone!


Now, let's get to this installment of the Caption Corner. Searching through the available photos is fun and can be time consuming, something in short supply lately. I always try to use ones that you all are interested in captioning and I know ones starring John Calipari have been popular. As I have said before, Cal is very animate in all of the available photos so there are plenty to choose from. I couldn't find any of Cal at the Kentucky Speedway, so I reverted back to an image from the past. You can rest assured that I will find some great football ones, but maybe next time.

The looks on all their faces are puzzling to me. My first thought was that there must be some crazy flopping going on. What so you think are they thinking or what are they seeing? Remember, have fun with it.