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Kentucky Wildcats Baseball 2013 MLB Draft Results

The 2013 Rule 4 Draft was completed Saturday and four Wildcats heard their names called by teams. Additionally, five members of the team's incoming recruiting class were drafted.


Kentucky's baseball squad experienced a disappointing season this year and in a correlated occurrence only four players were drafted from the team - three juniors and one senior.

Team Round Pick Player
Red Sox 5 143 Corey Littrell
Padres 6 178 Trevor Gott
Athletics 10 311 Jerad Grundy
Marlins 13 382 J.T. Riddle

Jerad Grundy was drafted in the 27th round last year so returning to school was definitely a good decision, even if his season didn't go as well as I'm sure he wanted. On a personal note, I'm thrilled that he went to the A's - he should have a good chance to move up the organization assuming he pitches well.

Littrell and Gott are most likely gone - I will be very surprised if they don't sign with their teams. Riddle will probably sign too, but it's the Marlins so I wouldn't put it past Jeffrey Loria to find a way to screw it up.

In addition to current members of the Wildcat squad, five members of next year's recruiting class were selected in the draft, the same number as last year.

Team Round Pick Player
Angels 2 59 Hunter Green
Cubs 38 1128 Zack Brown
Cubs 12 348 Trevor Clifton
Blue Jays 2 47 Clinton Hollon
Brewers 37 1112 Javon Shelby

Unlike last season, UK will probably not see all five players on campus. Green and Hollon will probably sign, although Matt Garioch - a writer for SBN's Minor League Ball site - thinks there is at least some chance that Hollon might end up on campus. The others should end up on campus, although it's possible the Cubs might try to go over slot for Clifton.