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Kentucky Sports: Morning Quickies -- Tropical Storm Andrea Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Nation. Kentucky gets another football commitment. John Calipari concerned about Michigan St. game. UK track runner racing for NCAA title in 100M hurdles. More.

Kyle Wiltjer will be playing a lot of basketball this summer.
Kyle Wiltjer will be playing a lot of basketball this summer.

Tropical Storm Andrea has put a big-time damper (and I do mean damp) on the last two days of our vacation. Ce'st la vie. We have had such good luck with weather here in South Carolina over the years here that we can hardly complain about the occasional tropical storm or rain-out.

Tweet of the Morning:

So when Cal-haters make this statement to you, now you know how to respond!

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Revisiting the 2013 recruiting cycle by looking at the 2012 Parade All-Americans.

    Those few who show up as undecided? Tunsil signed with Mississippi. Adams signed with Auburn. Nkemdiche decided to play with his brother at Mississippi. Ngakoue signed with Maryland. Elder signed with Miami. Keith Bryant signed with Florida St. Funny thing is that Rivals and 247 Sports doesn't know who this guy is....Antonio Connor. Anyone want to take a stab? [Hank]

  • Meet one of the recruits coming in for this weekend's camp - Vosean Crumbie from Florida. [Hank]

  • If you're a recruiting junkie, here's an overdose! Oh My. [Hank]

  • This may just be a bit beyond the pale, even for an eternal optimist. [Via Hank]

  • Miami's Booker T. Washington is one of the top programs in the country. See for yourself. This is a 3 quarter Spring Game:

  • The Pensacola News Journal says Demarius Rancifer is being forced out at Kentucky, and his former high school coach, Greg Seibert, was not happy about it:

    "This is disappointing; no, it’s disturbing," Seibert said. "The business of big-time college football dictated that the new staff create a situation where he needs to leave. There is absolutely no reward for everything he has done."

    It's tough, no doubt. The thing is, Rancifer will still have an opportunity to play college football, on scholarship, and graduate. Just not at UK.

    The truth is, though, that he wasn't "forced out," he was just presented with an option that he wasn't willing to live with. We have seen this with John Calipari as well, and although it is never to be admired, it is frankly, and unfortunately, necessary. With that said, you can hardly blame his hometown paper and coach for being critical.

  • #4 JUCO outside linebacker, Ryan Flannigan, commits to UK.

Kentucky basketball
Other UK sports
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College football
College basketball
Other sports news
  • SB Nation's Spencer Hall interviews the NFL's Art Briles.

  • David Stern wants more penalties for flopping. This is going to become an issue in college basketball soon, I expect. I think this ...

    "You're not going to cause somebody to stop it for $5,000 when the average player's salary is $5.5 million. And anyone who thought that was going to happen was allowing hope to prevail over reason."

    ... is right.