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The Attrition has begun, but a New Day is Dawning.

The times are changing and decisions are being made. Some are anticipated, some aren't, some are easy and others will never be easy. Stoops and his staff are not afraid to make tough choices.

DeMarcus Sweat's exodus has left Kentucky in critical condition for wide receivers.
DeMarcus Sweat's exodus has left Kentucky in critical condition for wide receivers.

The Attrition: Coaching changes usually cause roster attrition. It is a given. Some players just don’t fit in with new coaches’ plans. It has finally reared its head with Mark Stoops and his staff. As I write this, it is June 7th. I just want to provide context in time.

Yesterday morning, we found out that Bookie Cobbins, DeMarcus Sweat, Demarius Rancifer and Sterling Wright will be leaving the football team In the afternoon, we found out that Shawn Blaylock is also leaving.

Apparently, Sweat had some academic problems. That’s what happens if you don’t pay attention to your school work. This is hard to understand since there is academic help for athletes through the CATS program which is nationally recognized as one of the best. I was a huge DeMarcus Sweat fan during his recruiting process and thought he would have a great career at Kentucky. It looks like he might want to return after he gets his academic house in order.

Demarius Rancifer doesn’t want to transfer, but the new staff doesn’t believe he fits in with their style of play. That’s a legitimate reason to inform a player he should transfer, but it isn’t pleasant hearing that. His high school coach isn’t happy about it. The thing is that coaches know this kind of thing happens all the time. They don’t like it when it happens to one of their kids.

Blaylock has knee problems and refused a medical redshirt. He missed Spring Practice and didn’t play last year. You can read about Cobbins, Blaylock and Wright in the Kyle Tucker article.

The Wide Receiver position just became critical. We have only four scholarship players at that position with four coming in with the 2013 class. We also have three walk-ons. You can read the details at KSR.

There could be more transfers coming. While none of this is pleasant for those involved, it is something the coaches believe needs to be done. Bearing bad tidings is always a difficult thing to handle gracefully due to the results and reactions. Stuff happens.

The New Day: This weekend is supposed to be a huge one and we can expect some commitments from it. UK’s Stoops & Company is hosting a large group of recruits and families for the weekend. They will get the usual campus tour and all the usual trimmings, but Saturday night will reflect the biggest recruiting change in years. They will at congregate at Commonwealth Stadium for a mini-camp where the prospects and families will get to know their position coaches and work on some drills. The Ware/Stoudemire package deal will be in attendance. Most of commitments will also be there helping to sell the program. KSR’s Nick Roush has a short, but nice, piece about it.