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Kentucky Basketball: James Young's Latest Mix Tape

This is a new mix tape of James Young, and it tells us a tiny bit about his game.

Here is a new mixtape of Kentucky 2013 freshman James Young [Hat tip: KSR].

We all know that mixtapes are pretty useless for actual evaluation, but there are a couple of things to notice here. First, Young is very, very left-handed a la Terrance Jones. That is less of a problem for a guard/wing forward than it is for an inside player, but it's still a problem.

The second is that he has a very nice midrange game. You see a lot of strong finishes at the rim and 3-point shots, but that's what these mixtapes typically focus on. I like to look for everything else, such as off-hand ballhandling, defensive effort, and things like midrange shots.

Shooting by wing players inside the arc has lost a lot of emphasis in modern times, and I think that's a shame. It really shows up, too. Remember Doron Lamb and how good he was inside the arc? No? Well, that's understandable given his 3-point prowess, but it was his biggest accolade coming out of high school.

Young is definitely a keeper. He has excellent form on his jumper, a sweet touch, and all by himself he addresses one of our biggest problems from last year -- a 3-point shooter who could get his own shot.