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NBA Draft 2013: Open Thread For Kentucky Wildcats Fans

Discuss the 2013 NBA Draft with your fellow Wildcats fans here.

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Where will Archie Goodwin go?
Where will Archie Goodwin go?
Andy Lyons

Welcome to the 2013 NBA Draft open thread. You know what this is for, so no real explanation is necessary, but just in case you've forgotten, just jump right in and comment away on the NBA Draft. It doesn't have to be about a Kentucky player, it can be about anybody at all that's in the draft, or who might be drafted. Tonights draft is on ESPN at 7:30 PM.

As you all well know, Kentucky is represented by Nerlens Noel and Archie Goodwin. Julius Mays could also possibly be picked, but if so, it will surely be late in the second round. More likely, he'll go undrafted.

As we've all heard endless times by now, this is a weak draft, perhaps historically weak. With that said, there are some very nice players who will mostly be NBA journeymen, but a few may be starters and, who knows, you may even have an all-star or two in there somewhere, you never really know. Myself, I think Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is a future starter, and so are Trey Burke and Ben McLemore. I think Noel will do very well, and could be in the NBA a long time, but mostly as a specialty player. He will likely be a starter one day, but his limitations offensively may mandate fewer minutes than most starters. We'll have to see how he develops.

We'll also wind up with some busts in this class, perhaps more than normal. It happens every year. Lottery picks wind up in the d-league for years, or just never quite reach their anticipated ceiling.

If Noel goes #1, that would be the third Calipari player out of the last four drafts to go #1, and four out of the last six: three at Kentucky and Derek Rose at Memphis.

So here we go, enjoy. Below, you'll find some mock drafts to compare with the actual.