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Kentucky Sports: Sunday Brunch -- Lou Gehrig Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Drew Barker was a top performer at the Elite 11 quarterback camp. NCAA may find a back door to allow player stipends. More.

Espino Family

Today in 1941, Lou Gehrig died in New York of the disease named after him, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Tweet of the Morning:

Another one in Gordon Gee's eye.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Drew Barker was at the Elite 11 QB camp this Friday.

    Here is a report from SB Nation's Mark Ennis on how Drew performed, and it is a glowing report indeed. I expect him to be named a five star QB before it's all over.

  • looks at Kentucky's prospects for next year:

    Strengths/weaknesses: Both the offensive and defensive lines are heavy on talent, size and experience. The Wildcats can't afford injuries in the wide receiver corps or secondary with both units lacking in depth and experience.

  • Sports magazines predicting Kentucky to finish last in the SEC East. Rick Bozich says that places Kentucky in a position to overachieve.

    Yeah, that's the one good thing about being picked in the basement -- almost anything can look like success.

  • Chad Pugh of Nation of Blue looks at Coach Mark Stoops. I agree with him that Stoops has been pretty amazing so far.

  • CBS Sports says Stoops has inherited the least-talented roster in the SEC.

Kentucky basketball
  • From "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" department, RRick Pitino supports Kentucky in the latest Gordon Gee dustup. It isn't much, but if you listened to the WHAS interview he did, you'd hear it.

  • Thomas Beisner talks to Mike DeCourcy. DeCourcy gets this totally right, I think. They cover UK's recruiting class, Kyle Wiljer, Orlando Antigua's head coaching prospects and more.

  • Coach Cal says Orlando Antigua will do a "fabulous job" coaching the Dominican Republic team.

    I agree completely. Antigua seems to be the next guy in Calipari's coaching tree in line for a head coaching job.

  • Some NBA doctors are concerned about Noel's knee, and don't think it will be ready in time for the upcoming NBA season.

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