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Kentucky Football: Derrick Kelly Jr. Is Stoops & Co. Latest "Yahtzee!"

Offensive lineman Derrick Kelly Jr. is Kentucky's latest commitment.

Chris Breeze

It's Yahtzee time again. NextCats' Ben Roberts reported late last night that offensive lineman Derrick Kelly Jr. committed to Kentucky on Tuesday. Kelly is out of East Gadsden, Florida, and had offers from Florida A&M, Middle Tennessee, South Florida, Alabama St., FIU and UCF before committing to Kentucky.

Here's Kelly's data from various services:

This looks like the kind of player that Kentucky used to get under the old staff, and I'm not sure what Bradley Dale Paveto sees in him, although getting-under-the-radar players is always on the mind of coaches. Let's see if he get ranked higher after next year. That wouldn't surprise me. had this to say about Kelly:

Kelly Jr. showed off his athleticism this spring on the Nike circuit, registering an electronically-timed 5.26 40-yard dash, 4.97 20-yard shuttle, 28-inch vertical, 38-foot power throw and 76.41 SPARQ.

I have to confess, I am no connoisseur of vital statistics when it comes to linemen, so I'll leave it to others to tell us whether this is impressive or not.