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A Sea of Blue Caption Corner

It's that wonderful time again lads and lassies. The Kentucky Wildcats have some people taking note.


Before we get to the above photo let's take a quick look at the results of the last post. The most recommended comment for the last Caption Corner was Greg Alan Edwards with 11 rec'ds.

What do you mean, "Now we gotta start worrying about Kentucky? I still haven't got Saban off my back yet!"

Again, we had several other great comments and we had a total of 40 rec'ds which was down a little, but still a great job. It is quite obvious that total readership has now hit the slow season.

I thought we would continue on the theme of other coaches being worried about Kentucky because that thought just makes me smile. From watching Coach Stoops float around the top ten spots of Rivals recruiting rankings and having surged ahead of Saban earlier in the week, Coach is hot on the heels of ol' Nicky, always known as a great recruiter. I thought we should add a little Saban seasoning here in our little corner of the blogosphere we like to refer to as the Caption Corner.

Nick and Mark appear to be discussing golf, but I'm sure that these two must be discussing Stoops Troops because we aren't the only ones discussing the excitement surrounding Kentucky football. Coach is proving that he is in it to win it.