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Kentucky Wildcats: Sunday Brunch - Orb Edition

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News from around the Big Blue Internet. Orb wins Kentucky Derby. Bat Cats lose series to Arkansas, but avoid sweep. Kansas player Ben McLemore embroiled in a pay for access scandal. More.

Did you know that was really Rick Pitino, and not Joel Rosario, aboard Orb?
Did you know that was really Rick Pitino, and not Joel Rosario, aboard Orb?

Orb won the Kentucky Derby yesterday, giving Shug McGauhey his first ever Kentucky Derby win. Orb looked very strong in this first race of the Triple Crown, and gives us some hope for finally breaking the long drought of Triple Crown winners.

Tweet of the Morning:

In case you're wondering what he's talking about, go down to the college basketball section and read about it.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Barker will have a hard time telling UK no. HOPE! (via Hank)

  • More Barker. I hope he is talking about Kentucky here (via Hank):

    "Just the feel that I got when I was there," Barker said. He visited each of his three finalists during the spring. "It just felt like it was my most comfortable environment I felt, and I can see myself there for the next four to five years. The whole aspect, it was the best fit for me academically, athletically and socially."

  • Elite 11 quarterback recap (via Hank).

  • Mississipi St. is trying to get into the Drew Barker picture (via Hank):

    Mississippi State, a late entry in the Barker sweepstakes, recently filled his mailbox with 102 letters in one day.

  • Mark Stoops moving on up in Twitter followers (via Hank).

  • Football’s Ashely Lowrey (safety) badly injured in a car crash in Georgia. He apparently has a neck injury, and is in critical but stable condition. We pray for a quick and complete recovery.

    Latest updates via Larry Vaught.

  • Neal Brown provides Larry Vaughtt with his ideas about what makes a great college quarterback.

Kentucky basketball
  • Will Wiggins live up to the hype? Honestly, how could he? He’s been compared to everybody including LeBron James.

    I know that North Carolina fans are feeling their oats trying to persuade him to come to Chapel Hill.

  • Heh:

    Kentucky: No, absolutely not. It would not be fair for the Wildcats to wind up with him [Andrew Wiggins].

    The truth is he’d be the best player even on a stacked roster which also includes 2012-2013 holdovers forwards Alex Poythress, Kyle Wiltjer and center Willie Cauley-Stein. And where else could he play against NBA-level competition day in and day out in practice.

    But life isn’t fair.

  • HoopsWorld picks UK #1 for next year

    John Calipari’s recruiting class is nothing short of a masterpiece, with or without Andrew Wiggins, the top-rated recruit who’s drawn comparisons to LeBron James and has yet not signed with a school.

    An interesting negative downside to all this is that anything short of an NCAA Tournament championship will be seen by many, including many Kentucky fans, as a coaching failure. Which is why, when you think about it, Andrew Wiggins is so very important to the class.

    And yet another interesting twist is that with or without Wiggins, the expectations for this team will be exactly the same.

  • More Wiggins, this time throwing a first pitch, and a false rumor started by a UNC fan that owns a Baltimore seafood restaurant. Think maybe he was having a bit of fun with us all?

  • How good is this year’s high school graduating class overall? Many think that it is as good as 2007, with Derrick Rose, Michael Beasley, Greg Oden, Kevin Durrant, et. al. I think so as well.

  • WBN looks at Aaron and Andrew Harrison.

Other UK sports
  • Bat Cats escape sweep by Arkansas.
College football
College basketball
Other sports news
Other news
  • Ever buy a car and find your actual mileage per gallon was significantly different from what you really got? Here’s why.