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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Kentucky Oaks Edition

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News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Mark Stoops offers HS sophomore CB. Drew Barker to decide on May 10th. Coach Cal explains why no Maui Invitational. Men's NCAA tennis tournament begins. More.

Al Bello

Today is the Kentucky Oaks, and per our family tradition, Petra and I are taking the day off to bet on the ponies. Wish us luck!

Oh, yeah, and for full Oaks and Derby coverage, be sure and check out SB Nation's horseracing blog, And Down The Stretch They Come.

Oh, one more thing -- If you see a news story or blog post that's good, feel free to send it to me at aseaofblue at gmail dot com if you'd rather see it up here than in the comments. I can't guarantee I'll use it in the quickies, but I usually will. You can also DM me @ASeaOfBlue.

Tweets of the Morning:

Well, you knew it would happen.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
  • So why is Andrew Wiggins worth the wait?

    On the day Wiggins steps on an NBA court, and that’ll happen sooner rather than later, he’ll become one of the greatest athletes ever to play in the league. We’re talking about the very stratosphere of athletic gifts, where Dominique Wilkins, Russell Westbrook, Julius Erving and, yes, that Jordan guy reside.
    Hype enough for ya? [The Sporting News] Also, I hadn’t seen this, although its quite a few days back.

  • Calipari rules out 3-game long-distance settings like Maui, and indicates cost is also a factor. WkYT

  • This is just filled with Kentucky stuff. You can see that no matter where Wiggins goes, Kentucky is going to be on the lips and word processors of every sportswriter in America next year. Jason King, ESPN

Other UK sports
College football
  • Watertown’s hidden gem. While I agree with the premise of the article because Kentucky talent is in the same boat, I think this site spends way too much time on the QB position. If you ignore the position and look at the problem which, I believe, is a failure on the kids and the coaches part to market themselves properly (Hank).

  • SEC football recruiting roundup. Who fared the best, and worst (via Hank). 247 Sports

  • Another recruiting site with rankings. First I’ve ever heard of them, but that doesn’t mean anything. Prepforce

  • Funny. Mark May is such a douche (via Hank). Eleven Warriors

  • #Boo #NoFun – Hashtags banned by the NCAA on football fields. Since Twitter is the Devil, I agree with this decision (via Greg Edwards). Yahoo!
  • Reactions from around SB Nation to the SEC Network announcement. Team Speed Kills

  • Tale of the tape: Big Ten network vs. SEC Network

College basketball
  • Myron Metcalf handicaps chances of this year’s Final Four repeating. ESPN

  • Parents behaving badly: Mother of Alabama’s Devonta Pollard accused of kidnapping a six-year-old girl. via @JohnClayiv

Other sports news
  • Handicapping the Kentucky Derby. Eric Crawford, WDRB

  • The lawsuit that could bring down the NCAA. Bloomberg via @@JayBilas

  • NCAA suspends a number of recruiting reforms due to complaints from member institutions. Fox

Other news
  • News you can use – New test can predict heart disease as far as seven years in advance by looking at your hands CBS