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Kentucky Wildcats Caption Corner Time

Welcome to another fun photo for this segment of Caption Corner. Let's get jiggy wit it.

Mike Ehrmann

Another great job by everyone on the last Caption Corner. You all are making this a whole lot of fun.

The best thing, so far, is that we have a menagerie of captions and everyone is being really creative. That is the beauty of this experiment. You never know which idea will truly capture the essence of each photo. Don't sell yourselves short. If you think you might have a good caption and have been leery of posting it, remember we are just having fun.

One thing I need to make sure you all understand, I can only use photos that are available to use on SB Nation. They have an endless supply, and I shouldn't have any trouble finding some really good ones. If you have given me any suggestions, I have looked for them but may not have been able to find 'legal' ones to use. I actually enjoy looking at photos, so keep the suggestions coming.

The last caption received a total of 68 comment rec's and that is what we need to make this work. There were some really good captions to go along with the photo. This last time we had a really close one with kywineman and GoLightning each getting 9 recs on their captions and Greg Alan Edwards and KYGRLNNM each getting 8 recs. Awesome job! Full link here.

Looking through the photos to find something we could have fun with I have noticed that our beloved coach is very animated. I knew this but I'm not sure I realized how many there are. I can tell you right now, I have many of Coach Cal to chose from. There are enough fun photos of him to keep us busy for a long time.

I see this photo as an instructional pose. I have a caption I'll share for this photo if no one else sees the same thing I'm seeing. What do you hear this photo saying?