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A Sea of Blue Caption Corner Time

It's Caption Corner time, boys and girls.

Ronald Martinez

First, let me apologize for not getting one of these up sooner. I have been extremely busy lately. Secondly, ASoB Caption Corner will continue on because you all seem to really enjoy them and I have as much fun as well. If it isn't fun, well, it isn't fun.

The last captioned photo was the one of Cal, the floating chair, and the mysterious striped garment. We had a two-way tie for first place with both getting 14 rec's each. Both were great and I had actually rec'd the two. I couldn't decide on unrec'ding either one just to break the tie.

You put your Right Foot in,

You take your Right Foot out,
You put your Left Foot in, and you shake it all about …;

by AshlandKat


That's The Way You Throw A Chair!

by Wild Weasel

Another great job by everyone as I counted 68 total rec'ds and there were several other great captions.

This time, I picked a photo of two of our favorite mock-worthy SEC football coaches having a conversation. The always entertaining Les Miles and Steve Spurrier should provide for some fun captions, don't you think?

Remember, you all make it work with your captions and by recommending your favorites.