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Kentucky Basketball: Andrew Wiggins Selects Kansas, Basketball Universe Shocked

The #1 player in the 2013 basketball recruiting class, Andrew Wiggins, selected Kansas today around noon.


So the word has been given, and Andrew Wiggins has chosen the Kansas Jayhawks as his school for (most likely) the next year. Here is the tweets from Grant Traylor:

Because of the lack of hype around Kansas' relationship with Wiggins, this falls under the rubric of a major upset, and a major shock to most watchers of the recruitment. Kudos to Jeff Goodman for getting it right.

This one falls under the rubric of, "You can't win them all." John Calipari very nearly ran the table on this recruiting class, and had he done so, it would be even more memorable than it already is.

Even with the loss of Wiggins, this Kentucky class is still arguably the best ever, although that is not quite as cut-and-dry as it would have been had Wiggins chosen the Wildcats. Now, the results of the season will weigh more heavily against the historical argument than it might have had Wiggins decided to come to the Bluegrass.

So congratulations to the Kansas Jayhawks on the matriculation of Wiggins, and all the best to Andrew in Lawrence next year. This means that the Jayhawks just got a lot better, although probably not good enough to be a favorite. My guess is that this puts them in the top ten somewhere (some may say top five), and should provide a lot of fodder for basketball writing for some time.