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Kentucky Basketball: Why Waiting For Andrew Wiggins Is Good For UK

Tired of all the "Wiggins' Watch"? Don't be. The long wait is better for Kentucky, no matter where he goes.


Before I delve into this, let me qualify my remarks. I want Andrew Wiggins at Kentucky. Wiggins will be very successful anywhere he goes, but his skills are best displayed here at UK. I personally believe he will be in Blue and White when all is said and done tomorrow afternoon.

But you’re tired of waiting are you not? You’re ready for all this to be over with. You want his name on the Letter of Intent and his feet in the gym. Just relax, all is going according to plan. The longer Wiggins waits, the more pressure there will be on other teams to fill out their rosters.

Kentucky has a slot, and will have a slot, no matter what happens. We are loaded, with or without Wiggins. So if he chooses to go elsewhere tomorrow, then so be it. Good luck to the young man.

But if he falls into this class at the last minute, it will signal a complete power shift from everywhere else in the world to Kentucky in college basketball. Some of the best players in the world will be suiting up for one Commonwealth team or the other. Although I am not 100% sold on U of L’s #2 ranking, it does show that if you want to see the best, play with and against the best, and be coached by the best, you come to Kentucky.

So while you may be wringing hands over what may or may not happen, relax. Let those who are betting their entire year on this young man do the worrying. When he comes to UK, it will be that much sweeter and easier to enjoy.