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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Crimson Tide Edition

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News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. NCAA unable to prove wrongdoing in Duke case. Dominique Hawkins receives more accolades, this time from the Associated Press. Calipari visits Chicago recruit. More.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

What if Alabama left the SEC? To do what, be an independent? Join the NFL? I don’t know. Anyway, Roll Bama Roll looks at the question.

I wonder if the reaction would be similar for the NCAA if Kentucky left the SEC for basketball. Nah, this is a football conference. The NCAA might care, but not the conference – they might even applaud.

Tweet of the Morning:

Heh. Word. We saw close enough how that could work in the Miami matter, and it wasn't pretty

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Jalen Whitlow you 2013 starter on August 31? One man’s opinion…I wouldn’t be at all surprised (Hank). Ky Cat Stats

  • Just for what it’s worth. "The class of 2014 is filled with talented prospects and several of the nation’s top programs have taken notice. College coaches from all over the country fill flock to the Bluegrass state to take a look at these talented youngsters." Really? How many will UK or UL offer? Well intentioned, I’m sure (Hank).

  • 2014 Under Armour Game Roster: some UK recruits mixed in there (Hank). No UK commits, though (Glenn). ESPN

  • Jon Cooper at Saturday Down South says Jalen Whitlow gives Kentucky the best chance to win at quarterback, and talks about the lessons learned at UK during spring practice.

Kentucky basketball
  • How odd is this headline: "Pitino, Calipari eat calamari and pose for pictures"? Seriously, "eat calamari?" That’s just a weird choice of words to me, and the fact that some Louisville fans use "calamari" as a pejorative nickname for Calipari makes it doubly strange.

    Probably just my UK Fan Paranoia Syndrome acting up again USA Today

  • Could Kentucky be involved in this? Sounds like just the kind of thing Calipari would jump at. ESPN

  • Dominique Hawkins has been named Kentucky boys Player of the Year by the AP.

  • Coach Cal visits 2015 #9 player, Charles Matthews – 6’4"/180# shooting guard from Chicago.

  • Anthony Davis talks to Eric Lindsey about how hard it was to win the 2012 NCAA Tournament.

  • Larry Vaught says that John Calipari said three years ago that he wouldn’t go back to Maui. I don’t remember it being quite that plainly stated, but it was certainly implied. VaughtsViews

  • If you haven't read this response by Jon Scott to Marvin Kalb in the antisemitism piece I wrote the other day, you really should.
Other UK sports
  • Men’s tennis selected to host opening rounds of the NCAA Tournament.
College football
  • Pennsylvania has a pending antitrust lawsuit against the NCAA over l’affaire d’Penn St., but the preliminary hearing in that case has been delayed until May 20th. ESPN

  • Rod Gilmore at ESPN says the NCAA should adopt the NFL’s policy of no live contact during the offseason to avoid potential cumulative brain injury. I think it’s a subject that needs to be looked into, as it certainly sounds like a good idea at first blush. ESPN

  • Mike Slive talks CFB Playoff selection committee, player stipends, and more Saturday Down South

College basketball
  • I honestly believe that Kentucky’s second team would be good enough to be ranked in the top 20 by themselves! -Dick Viale for ESPN

    Dickie V. says next year will be down to UK and U of L. Perhaps. Louisville has quite a bit returning for next season, but I like North Carolina’s chances almost as well.

  • So the Lance Thomas affair ends with a whimper, and the NCAA adopts the three monkeys pose. VaughtsViews. More here at ESPN, and I think Eammon Brennan gets it right.

    Still more here at NBC’s basketball blog. One thing everybody seems to agree on is that the truth is still unknown, and circumstances as suspicious as ever

  • NBA Draft early entry list. I assume the highlights represent freshmen. Sidelines

  • New Mexico wants $1 million from Steve Alford. CBS

  • Abusive coach makes player s*** himself? Really? YardBarker

Other sports news
  • From Ira Combs:

    The 9th annual "Boys" Adidas Appalachian Underclassman All Star Classic will take place at Perry Central H.S. this friday May 3rd with the Rookie Adidas All Star game at 6:00 , Bronze Medal All Star game at 7:30 , and the Blue Chip All Star Classic at 9:00 and there will be a 3 pt. shooting and slam dunk contest at halftime of the blue chip all star game . For more information go online to and clink link to Adidas / Gatorade All Star Classic

  • Tim Tebow opening a chicken franchise in Jacksonville? Well, I guess he needs to do something with his time – he’s been relegated to the unemployment line for now.