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Kentucky Wildcats: Afternoon Quickies -- Final Four/Dakari Johnson Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Final Four is tonight. Kentucky recruit Dakari Johnson leads Montverde Academy to national high school championship. LSU defeats the Bat Cats in Baton Rouge in first game. More.

Dakari Johnson is now a high-school national chamion.
Dakari Johnson is now a high-school national chamion.

Just finished watching Dakari Johnson lead his Montverde team to the National High School Invitational Tournament championship. Heck of a game, decided on the last play by a 3-point shot from the corner by one of Dakari's teammates, Jalen Patterson. Montverde was down as many as sixteen points during the game, and won 67-65.

Of course, tonight is the Final Four featuring Louisville vs. Wichita St. and Syracuse vs. Michigan. We'll have the open thread around game time.

Tweet of the Morning:

We are looking like a football team!

Sounds like good advice.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
  • Kentucky recruits showing their stuff at the McDonald's game. A new mix, via Sam Henson;
  • Nerlens Noel is at Final Four rooting for Syracuse // John Clay's Sidelines

    Nerlens Noel is in Atlanta to root on his boyhood friend Michael Carter-Williams, point guard for Syracuse.

  • Kentucky Sports Radio // Splash’s Saturday News and Views

  • Nick Wiggins causes a stir with comments on brother // John Clay's Sidelines

    I'm none too pleased with the Big Blue Nation blaming Nick Wiggins and accusing him of "wanting attention." That's absurd. He was asked these questions directly, and he tried to answer them honestly. Just because we don't like the answers he game does not mean he was making self-serving commentary.

    Kentucky fans really have to stop this absurd blaming of others when somebody says something they find uncomfortable. We are all a little paranoid, including yours truly, and we should respond harshly to absurdities. But I feel it's important we try to avoid the knee-jerk reaction, especially ones that accuse older brothers of our recruits of essentially being dishonest.

    I'm sure Andrew has his own opinion, and it's quite likely they are not the same as his brother. But leave Nick alone -- he did nothing wrong, even if we may not like the message.

  • Mark Story: Will Kentucky fans cheer for Louisville? //

    There has never been a better time to pledge allegiance to the Louisville Cardinals.

    For those loyal to University of Kentucky sports, that means what exactly?

    It means that some UK fans will pull for them and some won't. I'm pretty indifferent.

Other UK sports
College basketball
  • NCAA forgot about a legend with its 75th anniversary team // CollegeBasketballTalk

    With that said … what in the heck is he [Michael Jordan] doing on THIS list? Yes, Jordan at North Carolina made the jump shot that ended up as the difference against Georgetown in the 1982 championship game (though you will remember that Georgetown had the ball with a chance to win and Fred Brown threw the pass away). But Jordan was a freshman then and was probably the third best player on that team behind James Worthy and Sam Perkins. He averaged 13 points a game during that tournament. Not exactly legendary stuff.

    This is exactly right. Moreover, he is right to bemoan the absence of David Thompson.

    There are a couple of choices that, to me, are questionable. Magic Johnson for one, who competed in only two tournaments. Jack Givens competed in more, including two NCAA finals, winning one and scoring 41 points in the process.

    Larry Bird is even more suspect, participating in only one NCAA tournament and not even winning it.

  • Mike Rice fired without cause means Rutgers owes him a million dollars over the next two years // CollegeBasketballTalk

    I can't accept that this is a fact. If I were the Rutgers trustees, I would demand an explanation. There seems to have been plenty of cause under Rice's contract to justify a "with cause" finding.

    Perhaps Rutgers' president is simply too incompetent to continue. I'm beginning to become convinced of that.

  • Wichita State Players Know As Little About Wichita State As You Do


  • Ben Howland 'intrigued' by Rutgers job, according to report //

    That's an interesting possibility. Funny how fired UCLA coaches wind up in former Big East schools.

  • Eric Murdock files wrongful termination suit against Rutgers //

    From what I have read,this lawsuit will not succeed. His contract was not renewed, and no matter what Mike Rice said to him, the University did not terminate him. He is not entitled to an automatic renewal of the contract, and even New Jersey is an at-will state.

  • Why Not Prosecute Mike Rice?

    My opinion? No, Rice shouldn't be prosecuted. I think it would do little to advance the cause of justice and cost the New Jersey taxpayers more money than it's worth. Could he be prosecuted? Sure, but I think discretion, in this case, is not to do so.

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