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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Erin Calipari Edition

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News and commentary from around the Big Blue Nation. Erin Calipari mocks Rick Pitino's tattoo, gets attacked by Cardinals fans. Calipari touts academic success at Kentucky. Kentucky recruits dominate EYBL. More.

Mike Slive has definite ideas about who should pick the College Football Playoff teams.
Mike Slive has definite ideas about who should pick the College Football Playoff teams.
Kelly Lambert

It seems that Erin Calipari mockedd Rick Pitino’s new tattoo, which he got to settle a bet between himself and some of his players. Personally, I think an older man getting a tattoo, in general, is mock-worthy. Pitino did make the bet, though, so it’s laudable that he kept his word, although one might legitimately ask why a 60-year old would make a wager with the stakes being a tattoo and not something less … permanent; but that’s largely a matter of taste.

I really don’t take either side of this one. I think I understand Erin’s point of view. Tattoos are mainly seen as a vice of the young these days (certainly not just for sailors anymore), and a young woman being put off by one on an older man is not terribly surprising. On the other hand, what Pitino puts on his body is ... none of my business.

Of course, the Louisville fan reaction was not surprising. Many of them on Twitter seem to be having an ongoing feud with Erin over just about everything, obviously hoping to find some way to get John Calipari’s goat. She seems to hold her own pretty well, although that judgment is largely based on your school rooting interests.

Dana O’Neil labeled Pitino’s new ink a "champ stamp," an obvious play on the pejorative "tramp stamp" used to describe tattooed women. I note the irony of the fact that the O’Neil’s appellation is used to describe the losing stake of a bet.

Tweet of the Morning:

Admit it, coach -- your real point was to make all these haters embarrass themselves on Twitter. Well done.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • How the most recent NFL draft picks from Kentucky fit their teams Wildcat Blue Nation

  • More about 2014 defensive tackle Matt Elam’s visit from Louisville’s coaching staff, where he wore a UK jersey. He said it was just an oversight, and I think he’s telling the truth. He says he’s agnostic about the UL/UK rivalry and cheers for both (via Hank). Danville Advocate-Messenger

  • With Stoops and Eliot’s FSU background, UK will continue to recruit in Florida and here’s some schools we will continue to recruit (Hank).

  • This can become a big advantage for UK in recruiting Ohio (via Hank). USA Today

Kentucky basketball
  • Kentucky targets dominate EYBL Boo Williams AAU session in Hampton, Va. Tyus Jones Emmanuel Mudiay, Cliff Alexander, Rashad Vaughn and Stanley Johnson all were impressive. Cats Illustrated

  • Nobody knows where Andrew Wiggins will go. As I have said a few times, this reminds me of Patrick Patterson’s recruitment. Nobody knew that one until he picked up the hat, either. Rant Sports

  • John Calipari and Rick Pitino eat at the same restaurant in honor of Ron Rager, a mutual friend. KSR

  • Goodwin signs with an agent. Wildcat Blue Nation

  • Meet Emmanuel Mudiay (via Sam Henson):

Other UK sports
  • Softball’s Kelsey Nunley named SEC Freshman of the Week.
College football
  • Mike Slive wants football experts picking the teams for the new College Football Playoff. USA Today

  • Year2 over at Team Speed Kills argues that if the SEC is going to go to a nine-game schedule, the two divisions should be ditched. Team Speed Kills

  • Honestly, given the Louisville Cardinals’ schedule, going undefeated is certainly a goal they should strive for. I’d love for a new-look Kentucky team to be the one that spoils their dreams, though. Rant Sports

College basketball
  • ESPN’s Jason King thinks the Louisville Cardinals are #2 now for 2013-14. Interesting. ESPN

  • Richard Pitino’s lowest-paid assistant coach will earn more than Tubby Smith’s highest-paid assistant at Minnesota. NBC

  • Dana O’Neil doubles down on the goofy "chump champ stamp" thing, but she’s right about next season being likely one of the best in a long while. ESPN

  • Shane Larkin says that Kevin Ware’s injury figured into his decision to enter the draft. ESPN

Other sports news
  • The Internet is a scary place, particularly the twin cesspools that are Twitter and Facebook. This is a story about a young linebacker and his mother who committed to South Carolina and were unprepared for the backlash, a read very much worth your time (via Hank). Atlanta Journal-Constitution

  • In case you were out of the country, in a coma, living under a rock, or just tuned out the world yesterday, NBA player Jason Collins announced to the world that he was gay. This may not be politically correct, but I find myself wondering if he was a "tremendous human being …" etc. before this announcement?

    I’m formally announcing that my intimate personal life is nobody’s business but my own; that my mutually consensual choices have no impact on whether or not I am a good person, and that nobody should care what I do behind my bedroom door. NBC