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Introducing the Kentucky Wildcats Caption Corner

Welcome to the newest featurette to grace the pages of our favorite web site. Let me introduce you to A Sea of Blue's Caption Corner.

Chris Trotman

To what I thought was a great idea sparked by a comment from our own resident dog with his blue pants down (aka hoboat33) I am launching what I hope to be a fun series. I asked and several replied that they would like to see such a post and with the okay of our fearless leader, I welcome you to creating some fun with the Caption Corner.

I can't say that there will be a certain theme to my madness. Just any photo that I think would be fun to throw out there and see what our creative minds can come up with. If you have ever had the good fortune to be with us during game threads, you know we have plenty of creativity running rabid among our members.

I have also decided to let you, the readers, decide which caption you like the best. With the new recommend feature of a comment being so easy to use now (I have noticed green'd comments on the upswing) 'rec'ing a comment of a member will be the best way to choose the best each time. It's simple, if you like a caption, you 'rec' it by clicking the rec star under the comment. Yes, I understand that we can virtually recommend each and every one, and yes, it may not help that we can give more than one a thumb's up when it comes down to it. For the record, I also believe that we can go back and un'rec' a previous comment (I really don't condone this practice), but it could be beneficial in voting for the most creative caption. In the end this will just be for funsies, so there can always be more than one winner. An eight way tie for fun works for me.

The photos I will use for this contest will be from a variety of sports, different coaches, and anything that I find that I see as fodder for fun. And as always, I am open for suggestions of subject matter.

For this inaugural caption the photo post, I found two of our least favorite people embracing an 'special' moment. I didn't even have to search photos for over a couple of minutes to find one I knew we could share a couple of laughs with. Remember, it's all about the fun. Fun is a good thing.

What is RMK really saying to Coach K?