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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - April Fool's Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Louisville's Kevin Ware breaks leg in Cardinal victory. Andrew Wiggins talks Kentucky. Mark Stoops wants big UK turnout in Nashville for Western Kentucky game. UK Hoops takes on UConn tonight.

Horrible, and at the same time, touching.
Horrible, and at the same time, touching.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Wiggins says Kentucky is his favorite*. Dwayne Casey -- Now there's a name you might remember. He talks about John Wall's improvement to Bullets Forever.

Don't forget: Hoops takes on #1 seed UConn in a rematch of last year for a berth in the women's Final Four. We will cover that as always.

Tweet of the Morning:

Okay, those of you predicting Wiltjer's transfer can stop now. Glad we got that straight. Via Ky Cat Stats.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
  • Canadian phenom Andrew Wiggins faces pressure as high school showcase looms // Yorkton This Week

    "Andrew’s athleticism is very rare," Nash said. "He’s tall, has long arms, he’s extremely quick and agile, he can take that six-foot-seven frame and move it like he’s 5-7, with great control. He’s so explosive, his ability to move in any direction, to jump and to control his body while he jumps — with quickness, explosiveness and power. He’s a rare set of size, co-ordination and explosiveness."

    This is right. But at the same time, he’s not the kind of player that demands the ball. He plays most often in the team concept, and that is an intangible who’s value is hard to measure, mainly because of its subjective nature.

  • Source says Wiggins might not be ready for college decision any time soon | vaughtsviews

    "The BBN is alive and well in Huntington and the Tri-state area. I think even non-Kentucky fans would enjoy seeing Andrew at Kentucky because it will make it easy to follow him in college. Canada is his home but I think he has enjoyed his time in Huntington. I hope being close to his second home will be a plus in the Kentucky column," the source said.

    So do I, but we really can’t know for sure. There are negatives, such as sharing a lot of minutes and shots, but that didn’t seem to phase Anthony Davis or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

  • Do you get the impression he's excited by the idea? I do. Via KSR.

  • The Marietta Daily Journal // Harrow returning to Georgia

    There were promising moments where Harrow’s quickness, penetration and scoring ability had Calipari suggesting he could be one of the nation’s best point guards. Offsetting those performances were erratic efforts that typified Kentucky’s guard play all season and led the coach to question their mental toughness.

    This is exactly right. Harrow had good moments and bad, but in the end, his season could not be considered a good one. I think he could have eventually become a solid player, but this move is probably best for everyone.

    One thing is near certain in my opinion – if his father’s condition hadn't provided him a way out, he would have stayed, and I believe that Calipari would not have pulled his scholarship. You can’t be "all about the player" and do that to a guy you brought on board.

  • Kentucky Sports Radio // Nerlens Noel and Jon Hood show support for young athlete


  • Jeff Teague advised Marquis Teague to stay at school an extra year - NBA - Pro Basketball // FanNation

    When Marquis Teague was deciding whether he would declare for the NBA draft or stay back another year his brother, Jeff Teague, advised Marquis to stay back another year to "hone" his basketball skills.

    I think that was good advice, but I understand why Marquis went.

  • Kentucky Sports Radio // James Young’s coach describes him as a "perfect" teammate

    James Young’s coach John Pleasant was on WLAP this morning to talk to Larry Vaught about his player. A few worry warts have wondered how so many talented players can combine to be happy and functional on one roster next season at Kentucky. According to Pleasant, that shouldn’t be a problem with Young.

    "He’ll be the perfect teammate. He can play 20 minutes and score 6 points and be happy. He just wants to win."

    "He’ll be the perfect teammate. He can play 20 minutes and score 6 points and be happy. He just wants to win."
  • Hawkins new Kentucky Mr. Basketball; Epps Miss Basketball //

    Congrats to both of them.

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College basketball
  • Tubby Smith reportedly in consideration for Texas Tech coaching vacancy // CollegeBasketballTalk

    According to the report, Smith could also be a candidate at New Mexico if the Lobos do not hire interim head coach Craig Neal. New Mexico is left without a permanent coach for the time being after Steve Alford left for UCLA on Saturday.

    You’ve all heard this. Just a little more detail.

  • Kevin Ware Undergoes Successful Surgery // Card Chronicle

    I’ll bet that Final Four trophy cheered him up quite a bit.

  • 3-point shot: Neal makes sense for Lobos // ESPN

    Georgia State returns four starters next season, including coach Ron Hunter’s son, R.J., who led the team in scoring at 17 points a game, and the addition of Kentucky transfer guard Ryan Harrow will only make the Panthers more effective next season. Georgia State (15-16, 10-8 in the CAA) will join the Sun Belt next season. Harrow will likely receive a waiver to play immediately because of his ill father.

    Indeed. Looks like Georgia St. will be a threat to win the Sun Belt, and Harrow could accomplish there what he couldn’t accomplish at UK – help take a team to the NCAA Tournament.

    That would be ironic.

  • Trash Talk: Alford's already on UCLA hot seat // College basketball- NBC Sports

    Now that Steve Alford is ensconced in Westwood as head basketball coach at UCLA, the obvious question is: Who will be the next coach there?

    Alford will probably do a fine job. He’s an outstanding coach. But I think everyone knows that’s not enough.

    I don’t think Alford is big enough for this job. Just sayin’.

  • Mental miscues, questionable coaching decisions doom Florida // CollegeBasketballTalk

    Florida just got smacked around. They didn’t locate Michigan’s shooters, didn’t win the hustle stats, and once again, didn’t get to the Final Four.

  • Twitter tells the story of Kevin Ware’s injury // CollegeBasketballTalk
  • Twenty notes on Louisville’s second straight Final Four // John Clay's Sidelines

    Rick Pitino said that when Kevin Ware fell to the floor right in front of the Louisville bench with 6:33 to go in the first half, "I went to help him up and I saw his leg. I literally almost threw up."

    It was a gruesome injury, no doubt about it. I wish I could unsee that.

  • Louisville women upset No. 1 Baylor, ending college career of Brittney Griner // CollegeBasketballTalk

    "I thought the game started out way too physical, way too physical," said Mulkey. "I thought that all three of [the referees], if they go past this round of officiating, it will be sad for the game."

    Well, she’s going to get fined for that. I didn’t see the game, but the officiating in the women’s tournament has been abysmal. I don’t think that’s really why they lost, though. Louisville made 16-25 in threes, and that’s really tough to overcome. At one point, they were 15-20.

  • 2013 Final Four Primer // CollegeBasketballTalk

    Can we please stop lamenting the demise of the Big East? Please?

  • Louisville’s Kevin Ware undergoes successful two-hour procedure on fractured leg // CollegeBasketballTalk

    How long the recovery process will be for Ware is unknown at this stage.

    But according to Dr. Frederick Azar, a spokesman for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and chief of staff at Cambell Clinic in Memphis, recovery can take anywhere from three to six months provided there are no complications.

    That sounds right. There are a lot of factors that go into the recovery, and this was a compound fracture, a very serious bone break. But in athletics terms, it is likely, but not certain, that he will completely recover.

    In some ways, Ware’s injury is less severe than Noel’s. Joints are almost always more impactful on athletic ability than fractures, although that’s by no means universally true. Sam Bowie is one example of where it’s not.

    I do believe Ware will be fine and return 100%, and I suspect he’ll be ready for next year, although this is a setback that he’ll feel.

  • Despite Kevin Ware's injury, Cardinals persevere and advance // Luke Winn -

    Then Ware called from the hospital, while his teammates were celebrating on the court at Lucas Oil Stadium. He was about to go into a two-hour surgery to have a rod inserted into his leg, and then close up the wound.

    And what was the first thing Ware said?

    “Calm down, mom. I’m OK.”

    Lisa figured her son was sedated. But she had been distraught, and Ware’s words did have a calming effect. What a son: to call and worry about her, and not himself?

    I can’t imagine his mother’s emotions, her shock and fear. Thank God she didn’t suffer some kind of health issue from the reaction.

Other sports news
  • Somerdale's Gilchrist is one good-looking NBA rookie // Courier-Post

    I didn’t think I would be surprised at how advanced he was since I saw his father, Michael Gilchrist play at Camden for Clarence Turner back with Milt Wagner and Billy Thompson — and he was a very talented forward on a super team — but honestly, I was.

    This young Kidd-Gilchrist was certainly a physical talent, but my first lasting impression from that Saturday in Elizabeth was how smart of a player he was. He really knew how to play the game.

    Michael picked up the nuances of the college game very quickly, and apparently, that aptitude has translated over to the professional ranks.

  • Brandon Knight Accidently Elbows Butler in the Face, Him & Nate Robinson Get Into It! //

    Much ado about very little.

  • Andre Drummond airballs a pair of free throws //

    That first one went about 13.5 feet, and the second one, about 14.5. He’s getting closer.

    Nobody can top the ugliness of Chuck Hayes free throws, but there is something really awesome about a guy who shoots it with good form and airballs 2 ain a row.

  • Dwane Casey on how John Wall has improved // Bullets Forever

    I asked Raptors coach Dwane Casey what has caused Wall’s improvement. Here’s his answer in full.

    "His jump shot has really gotten my attention. When he’s knocking that down, knocking threes down, he’s almost impossible to guard because of his speed. That sets everything up. Now, if you come out on him for his jump shot that he’s making, he goes by you. He’s developed it. I understand he’s been working with a shooting coach that’s really helped his game. When he gets it to where it’s automatic, that makes him tough to guard."

    Read the whole thing. John Wall is becoming what we all suspected he could become.

    Note: Dwane Casey – now there’s a blast from the past.

* April fool!