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Florida 31 at Kentucky 31: Second Half Game Thread

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Well, this is a good place to be for the Kentucky Wildcats. Kentucky had a very solid first half against a really talented team, despite losing Willie Cauley-Stein to early foul trouble. For a while, the Florida Gators were abusing Kentucky with WCS out of the game, but somehow, the Wildcats tightened late in the half and could easily have a 2 or 3 point lead right now if they could make free throws -- which they cannot. They haven't all year, and honestly, I don't think they can make them at a decent percentage.

With that said, Kentucky has a great chance to pull the upset here. Archie Goodwin, and WCS are playing well, but for a change, so are Ryan Harrow and Alex Poythress. Harrow finished most of the second half on the bench with fouls also.

Uncle Julius Mays is playing pretty well, and leads the Wildcats in scoring with 8, and right now, the Wildcats have controlled their turnovers and are winning the rebounding battle. If this continues, this game will be a winnable one in the end by Kentucky, and make no mistake, they need it.

Go, 'Cats!