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UK 76- Vandy 65 Postmortem: SEC Tourney

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UK took on Vanderbilt in their first 2013 SEC tourney game and sent Melanie Balcom's troops home in a second round defeat. UK moves on to take on Georgia tomorrow in the semi finals.

The women took care of business tonight.
The women took care of business tonight.

In tournament play, there are going to be good games, bad games, and OK games. This was an OK game. Kentucky was a little flat, but that was mostly due to Matthew Mitchells substitution patters. Everyone played. Everyone scored. Everyone participated. That will not happen every game. It mattered not, however, because UK kept it's double digit lead for most of the game.

A'Dia Mathies was her usual efficient self, scoring 16 points and getting five steals. No starter went over 26 minutes again as Kentucky used fresh legs to basically run Vandy ragged. That is two games straight that Mitchell has used a lot of substitutions to keep player fatigue at a minimum. Smart coaching for a planned deep run into the post season.

Vanderbilt was obviously tired as their much ballyhooed free throw shooting left them. The Commodores only shot 50% from the llne. Kentucky also forced them into 23 turnovers.

My apologies for not making the game thread as I am travelling this weekend for work.

I will have tomorrow's pregame in early, so please log on and enjoy the ladies and cheer them on as you would the guys.