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Kentucky Football: News Coming About Braylon Heard

Braylon Heard is a really outstanding running back that recently left Nebraska, formerly from Cardinal Mooney High School. Heard was rumored to be considering Kentucky as his next destination.

What's the word?  Braylon Heard!
What's the word? Braylon Heard!

This just came from J. Rowland of, a very reliable source about Nebraska football:

I have read the article, but I won't reveal what was said. Instead, I'll let your imagination carry you from here. What I will say was that my heart skipped a beat after I read it.

For those of you wondering why I don't reveal the gist of the article, this is insider information that Rivals charges for. Others may release the information, but I am not comfortable doing so. Rivals pays a lot of people to work these beats so they can sell their work, and if I repeated it for free, I would be harming their site for my own personal gain. Sorry, but that's unethical to me. Others may disagree.

But I digress. Back to Braylon Heard. Here is his page.

Heard was one of the Nebraska Cornhuskers' best backs last year, averaging 6.69 yards/carry in 55 attempts, with three touchdowns. The sophomore was the #5 running back in the nation according to Rivals, and the #57 overall player. Heard, quite simply, is the kind of back teams like South Carolina, Florida, and LSU typically get.

So stay tuned for the news when it becomes public, and prepared to be excited.