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Kentucky 25, Georgia 31: Second Half Game Thread

Kentucky has played with good energy, but very little intelligence. As a result of a lucky shot, the Wildcats are down five to the Georgia Bulldogs at the break.

Honestly, this is the most frustrating team to watch I have ever seen. They do the dumbest things in the most straightforward situations. Yes, it's youth, but as a fan, I find myself cringing away from the sight of such poor basketball.

Such is our lot this year, I guess. Kentucky is still well in this game, and they hung in a long time with three starters on the bench. You can look at that as a positive, but the the negative is that the starters were arguably playing better from the bench, and that gives me no joy.

Well, at this point I'm just keeping my fingers crossed. If we somehow win, it will be great, but part of me argues, "To what end?" To whatever end, I guess.

Go, 'Cats!