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Kentucky Wildcats at Georgia Bulldogs: Live Game Thread

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It's win or NIT for Kentucky tonight, unless they can take the SEC tournament.

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Biggest game of the year? Maybe not. One of the most important games Kentucky plays in the SEC this year? Oh, yeah.

Game particulars as follows:

Gameday Information
Kentucky at Georgia
Thurs., March 7 - 7:00 p.m. ET
Athens, Ga.
Game Notes: UK Get Acrobat Reader | UGA Get Acrobat Reader
Radio: UK IMG
Live Video via WatchESPN
Online Audio
Text Updates

At this point, there are only three things I want to see:

  • A game where Kentucky does not turn the ball over like the are afraid to shoot it;

  • A game in which Kentucky plays like their season depends on it – because it might;

  • A game in which the Wildcats act like a team that really does want to take a shot at the NCAA Tournament.

Honestly, right now I have no idea what to think, but what I think I know is that if Kentucky doesn’t win this one, they will probably need to win the SEC Tournament to get to the Big Dance. That may be wrong – a victory over Florida on Saturday would surely undo some of the damage – but that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Go, ’Cats!