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Welcome A New Writer To A Sea of Blue

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Hank Rippetoe, formerly "Mr. Hanky," is joining A Sea of Blue's front page.

Welcome to our newest football writer, Hank Rippetoe. Hank used to be known as "Mr. Hanky" and has changed his moniker to his real name.

Hank, along with Alex, Seth, and A2D2, give us a really good core of guys and gals that speak football as a first language, rather than a second, and that really should beef up our coverage of Kentucky football at exactly the right time – just after hiring a new football coaching staff.

So join me, and welcome Hank to the front page of A Sea of Blue. You have already seen a good bit of his work from the Fanposts, which I quickly got into the habit of promoting because of the depth of his knowledge and passionate interest in the football team.

Like all our writers, Hank isn’t confined to football – if he wants to write about basketball, golf, or whatever UK sports he cares about, that’s all good also – but football is his first passion, and that’s what we need to keep the football team well covered.

Welcome, Hank. Glad to have you with us.