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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Living On A Prayer Edition

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News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky Hoops defeats Tennessee, Matthew Mitchell winningest women's basketball coach in UK history. Softball, baseball, gymnastics and tennis all win. More.


It seems that right now, there is nothing to do but pray this Kentucky team finishes well enough to get into the NCAA Tournament. They got quite a bit of help from some bubble teams this weekend, but they have to do something themselves -- namely win. A victory on the road over an up and down Georgia Bulldogs team would be a great place to start.

Tweet of the Morning:

That's just crazy enough to happen.

Your Quickies:

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College football
  • Time to reduce Penn State Nittany Lions football sanctions -- college football - ESPN

    Now that Penn State’s probation officer, Sen. George Mitchell, has issued another glowing quarterly review of the university’s rehabilitation efforts, it’s time for the NCAA to do what was unthinkable seven months ago.
    Reduce the sanctions.

    It should never have sanctioned them in the first place, but it would be nice if they would cut them back.

College basketball
  • Rick Pitino Becomes the Second UK Rival Coach to Drop the F Bomb in Public in a Week // Everything Kentucky Online

    Heh. Funny.

  • NCAA tournament selection committee missing vital piece with Madness creeping close // Yahoo! Sports

    When the NCAA tournament selection committee convenes next week in Indianapolis to do its work, there will be one vital player missing from the proceedings.
    His name is Greg Shaheen, and he was the NCAA’s Mr. Bracket for the previous 12 tournaments. The 2012 Big Dance was the last waltz for the association’s former vice president of championships and alliances – essentially the man who made the tournament run and helped make it staggeringly rich via its TV deal with CBS and Turner. The NCAA forced his resignation last year, intent on moving its showcase event in a more modern (read: corporate and soulless) direction.

    This is typical groupthink from Forde, and I would really expect nothing less. Shaheen was by all accounts a great guy, and a great ambassador for the NCAA.

    The problem was, Shaheen couldn’t delegate anything, and he was a bottleneck in the process that really doesn’t need bottlenecks. Having seen people like this before in high-profile positions, I know first hand that they can create problems that even their wonderful personality and likability cannot overcome.

    Shaheen will be fine, and if Forde is right about anything, he is right when he says that Shaheen’s exit may have been very timely, indeed.

  • 3-point shot: APR ban shuts out legit teams // ESPN

    UCLA coach Ben Howland didn’t try to hide Shabazz Muhammad’s plans after the Bruins victory against Arizona Saturday. Howland said Muhammad had played his last game at Pauley Pavilion. He told reporters that he knew he would be at UCLA for one year and was a realist about the situation. And that is refreshing. There will be no unnecessary questions during the NCAA tournament about whether or not Muhammad is leaving for the NBA. He’s gone. Howland knew it when he recruited him.

    Queue the hand-wringing about how Ben Howland is bad for college basketball. Never happen.

    Instead, it will be, "See what John Calipari is forcing coaches to do with the evil one-and-done strategy that he created out of whole cloth?"

    Remember, you heard it here first…

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