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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Kentucky Hoops Edition

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News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky Hoops takes on Dayton tonight for a trip to the Sweet Sixteen. John Wall has a huge game. Mark Stoops not happy with Monday's practice. More.


Big night tonight for the UK women's team, as they take on the Dayton Flyers for a berth in the Sweet Sixteen. Greg will have lots more on that later today.

Tweet of the Morning:

I had to laugh, the sarcasm fairly drips from this tweet. Sadly, this is exactly what some are saying.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Football spring practice highlights:

  • Kentucky excited for football? New coach makes the difference // USA Today

    First-year coach Mark Stoops has given the Wildcats’ moribund football program new life, rapidly remaking Kentucky from an SEC doormat into one of the trendy programs in the Southeast.

    Wow, we’re “trendy” now? No kidding?

  • UK football: Josh Clemons rushing back into form after long layoff //

    Clemons acknowledged being a little hesitant to put much weight on it during the opening day of spring practice. After having to sit and watch his teammates for a season and a half, he was scared that too much pressure would bring back the swelling.

    Scott quickly told him that he would have to give it a try at some point.

    It’s really hard to trust a knee that was hurt. He will, though.

  • Mark Stoops angry at 'average' practice //

    “I’m not buying that,” Stoops said. “They know what’s going on now. Now it gets back to habits. Now it gets back to: ‘This is Day 5, Monday morning, and I’m going to go back to my old ways and just get out here and BS around, mill around for a few periods and then we’ll play a little bit.’ It’s not good enough. It’s not acceptable. You have to play good every snap. Every play is important. Every snap, you’ve gotta have some passion for what you’re doing. If you’re just out here milling around … (bad) position on the football, all that stuff’s going to get you beat.”

    Sounds like Stoops isn’t settling for anything less than the best a player can give. I knew this was coming. After several good practice reports, you knew one of them wasn’t going to live up to Stoops’ standards.

  • Stoops, Brown Talk Spring Practice on Monday //

    Good stuff from Mark Stoops and Neal Brown.

  • DJ Gillins, Mike Edwards, and Mikel Horton Updates //

    I don’t know this guy at all, but it seems like he knows what he’s talking about. I just don’t know his track record. (Hank)

  • Photo by db_714 • Instagram

    These have to be from the entire football staff and the whole team and maybe all UK athletes. (Hank)

  • Defining recruiting success for 2013's new college football coaches //

    Realistically, Kentucky cannot be expected to out-recruit any of the four major football programs in the East Division, beating Vanderbilt and Missouri on the recruiting trail remains the goal. Stoops must also battle Charlie Strong at Louisville, which is picking up recruiting momentum thanks to much improved play and a move from the Big East to the ACC. Louisville is arguably the No. 1 football program in the state right now, and Stoops must recruit well enough to stop that designation from being cemented in the minds of future recruits and fans.

    Must. Stop. Louisville. Words to live by.

  • UK's new 'Air Raid' has one problem: receivers //

    “We’re light on numbers even to get through practice. These guys are having to do something they’ve never done. In a spread offense, we’re playing fast. We’re going to play a lot of snaps out here. Their legs are getting dead.”

    This is a genuine problem that has Neal Brown concerned.

Kentucky basketball
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College football
College basketball
  • 3-point shot: Poaching coaches and teams // ESPN

    Smart has now become the most-coveted coach. If he wanted to push he could likely have the pick of the Minnesota, UCLA or USC jobs. Or he could stay put at VCU. I wouldn’t be at all surprised by the latter. Smart could have had the Illinois job, but stayed at VCU.

    I don’t blame him for staying at VCU versus the Illini. That’s not a great job, it’s a good one.

    But UCLA is a great job by any reasonable definition, and if they come calling, he’s out of his mind to turn them down.

  • Losing, off-court issues justifiably lead to firings of Ben Howland, Tubby Smith // Yahoo! Sports

    Forde’s take. He spends a lot more time on Howland, and honestly, I think he just wanted to make his point.

    The message has always been win, or get replaced. If the AD doesn’t think you’re winning enough, the rest doesn’t matter.

    I’m not really lamenting the firing of either coach. They made their beds, and now … well, now they need a job, or a summer home. Either way, life goes on.

  • 2013 NCAA tournament - A Sweet 16 field for everyone // ESPN

    Well, almost everyone. Nothing for Kentucky fans.

Other sports news
  • The John Wall reality check //

    And it’s laughable to put Wall in the same stratosphere as Westbrook and Harden.

    Isn’t it?

    It definitely was last week.

    But now here we are, digesting another unreal performance from Wall in a month full of them, and the question’s not so easy.