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NCAA Tournament 2013: Saturday Afternoon Open Thread

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This is your Saturday afternoon open thread to discuss the NCAA Tournament.

Here is your bracket for today at the start of the day.

Yesterday, we saw some upsets and some teams going about their business. The Georgetown Hoyas lost to Florida Gulf Coast, a 15-2 upset we see fairly frequently in the NCAA tournament. Last year we saw two 2 seeds go down to 15's, the Duke Blue Devils and Missouri Tigers. This year, we just had one, but it had to be a shock for Hoyas fans.

My alma mater, the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, gave a good account of themselves yesterday against the Kansas Jayhawks. It looked like we might see another nail-biter and possibly the first 16-1 upset in seeding history, but alas, it was not to be.

The SEC has represented well so far. The Mississippi Rebels and Florid Gators have both made it past the first round, and Florida will be taking on an old nemesis in Tubby Smith's Minnesota Gophers squad, who upset the UCLA Bruins last night. That Minnesota loss likely represents the end of the Ben Howland era in Westwood.

So enjoy today's games. I'll be opening up more threads as necessary.