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Louisville Football Recruiter Placed on Administrative Leave

The Miami University scandal has caught the Louisville Cardinals between a rock and a hard place.

Charlie Strong will have to do without his best recruiter for a while, and maybe forever.
Charlie Strong will have to do without his best recruiter for a while, and maybe forever.
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville's top recruiter and defensive line coach, Clint Hurtt, has been placed on administrative leave in order to prepare his response to the NCAA charges placed against him while he was a coach at Miami University.

Hurtt has been accused of providing improper benefits to players and recruits and receiving improper benefits from convicted ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro while coaching at Miami. He's also been accused of providing false and misleading information to NCAA investigators.

Miami has been charged with a lack of institutional control, which is a game changer that frequently results in severe punishment such as scholarship reductions and/or a bowl ban for a couple of years. The school could be placed on probation for up to three years or, at worst, receive a death penalty.

Two other Miami football assistant coaches, Aubrey Hill and Jorge Fernandez, were also accused of violating the NCAA's principles of ethical conduct. Hurtt was specifically accused of receiving a $2,500 loan from Shapiro. Hurtt has until May 20th to respond to the allegations.

Louisville Head Coach, Charlie Strong, issued a statement saying the he will coach the defensive line during spring practice in Hurtt's absence and that Hurtt no longer has recruiting responsibilities.

"We've given him that time and I think it's good that he's doing that," Strong said. "With the many distractions, he just can't do the job that we're asking him to do right now."

Other Miami coaches, including former head coach Frank Haith have also been accused on misconduct. Haith is the current basketball coach at the University of Missouri. Also charged was former assistant basketball coach Jake Morton who now coaches at Western Kentucky University. Morton has been accused of receiving $6,000 in "supplemental income" from Shapiro.

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