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Kentucky Football: Neal Brown is Moving The Cats at a Faster Pace

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The "Air Raid" offense as taught by Offensive Coordinator Neal Brown is drawing positive reviews from the players.

Andy Lyons

This fits in with my and other fans’ suspicion that the offense under Joker Phillips and Randy Sanders was cumbersome, at best. We always wondered why it seemed to take two years for a quarterback to learn the system. The offense for Andre' Woodson and Mike Hartline didn’t really click until their junior year.

The reason I am writing this is to contrast what we’re seeing and hearing about Neal Brown’s approach. Consider this video from (Note - Guy Morriss sighting!):

You can get a rudimentary understanding of how he coaches. Listen for the "Pistol" and "Zone Read" and you’ll get a little understanding about Brown’s running game. I intend to post more on the Zone Read offense (which Oregon uses) later on during Spring Practice.

What was tweeted about Towles is confirmed by what Maxwell Smith says in this KSR article.

You can also see and listen to Stoops and Brown talking to the media about yesterday’s practice at UK Athletics, along with this video miking up Raymond Sanders:

What we are witnessing is a whole new approach than what we've experienced in the past. Brown works with all his quarterbacks at the same time and they switch off on reps. The main thing, though, is the pace that is much faster than what our players have been used to.

It is time to get excited, folks. Thanks for reading.