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Kentucky 27, Robert Morris 28 - Second Half Game Thread

Folks, here's what I'll tell you -- this Kentucky team got smacked in the mouth, and fought back. They played horribly, but once they realized this thing was on it's way to an ignominious defeat, the woke up and got tougher on defense. Their offense is still tragically bad, and they are doing the wrong thing more often than right, but you have to give UK credit for manning up and getting back in the game when it looked like they would fold.

Jarrod Polson was the reason that Kentucky came back, along with Jon Hood. Both these salty Kentucky boys know what that name on the front of the jersey means, and letting Robert Morris walk all over you is not it. They dragged the freshmen back into the game, and got them to fight back. Then, Archie Goodwin did what the Colonials have no answer for -- took it into the paint, and for the most part, he was under control.

I won't BS you, this game is still up in the air, as if I needed to tell you that. But the element of shock and awe has passed, and now talent will assert itself if the 'Cats will get out of their own way. It's a long way from over, but the Colonials are putting Kentucky on the line, and for once, Kentucky is making the free throws. If that keeps up, this game will be there for Kentucky to take if they have the cojones. We'll see.

Go, 'Cats!