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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Robert Morris Edition

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News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky takes on Robert Morris in Pittsburgh tonight. Kentucky women get a 2 seed in the East Regional, begin play in Storrs, Connecticut. Twany Beckham and Kastine Evans nominated for Arthur Ashe Award. More.

Congratulations to the UK women's team for their #2 NCAA Touranment seed.
Congratulations to the UK women's team for their #2 NCAA Touranment seed.
Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Morris is on the docket tonight for Kentucky, and this game will tell us an awful lot about this team. Will they mail it in, try hard in futility, or transform themselves?

Tweet of the Morning:

Glad we got that straight.

Your Quickies:

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  • Kentucky Sports Radio // Chester blames liberal socialism for Kentucky’s tournament snub

    I blame the creeping influence of the Pod People. Or, bad basketball. I can’t make up my mind.

  • For one year, they were right // Ky Cat Stats

    All the folks who loudly proclaimed that you couldn’t be successful with Freshmen. That shouted from their rooftops that UK would not be able to win National Championships with the kind of system that Cal was bringing in.

    No they weren’t not really. It took more than youth to derail this team. It took a weak point guard and a season-ending injury to its star.

  • NIT 2013 Bracket breakdown - who are the contenders? // Rumble In The Garden

    For NIT teams, a "mail it in" factor has to be considered. It’s not the Big Dance. It’s not what college players work so hard for, it’s a consolation prize, a focus for jokes and derision by some of the fan base. And internally, a team needs players who want to beat the team across from them at all costs (and a coach who fosters that desire creatively).

    Ugh. Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, does it?

  • // Calipari eyes future as UK heads to NIT

    Will sophomore point guard Ryan Harrow be back after an emotional roller coaster of a season which last saw him weeping in the locker room at the SEC Tournament after going 2-for-15 from the field with four turnovers against Vanderbilt, a game which he said cost his team an NCAA tourney bid?

    This is really the burning question right now. Harrow’s season a point this year has been an unmitigated disaster by Kentucky standards, and Kentucky standards are the only ones that matter.

  • Don't read too much into UK's NIT season // WDRB 41 Louisville

    Everybody is reading something into this basketball season for UK. Here are some things I am NOT reading into it:
    – That success with one-and-dones can’t be sustained. Success is tough to sustain under any kind of process. But UK is in the NIT not because it is a freshman-dominated team, but because the freshmen it has did not turn out to be as good as advertised.
    Michigan has a freshman team. It starts three freshmen and a sophomore, and has done all right.

    This is right.

  • Robert Morris quickly sells out NIT game against Kentucky - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Less than three hours after tickets to tonight’s college basketball game between Robert Morris and the University of Kentucky went on sale, athletic department employees were taping "sold out" signs on all the doors.

    Well, at least we can still draw a crowd. That is, if you call 3,500 a "crowd."

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