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Kentucky Wildcats: We Interrupt This Basketball Lament For Some Footbaaaaww!

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Coach Stoops talks about the first day of practice.

Well, now that we’ve had our big basketball pity-party, griped about how the players don’t care and the coach can’t coach, and how awful it is to travel up to Robert Morris and play in the NIT in their cracker-box of a gym, it’s time to change the subject.

How’s about a little football? You know, that other sport that the rest of the civilized world thinks is is pretty, the one with the ball that’s shaped something like an egg? Never have figured out why something that shape would be called a "ball," but I figure it’s just some legacy thing handed down from the ancient Egyptian or something.

You remember football, right? The game our SEC brethren play so very well, for the most part, and at which we have … ahem … sucked throughout most of recorded history? You know, football… the game played in that big old stadium we are about to drop a few million U.S. dollars improving? The one that pays most of the freight around the UK athletics department?

Here’s Coach Stoops to talk about Kentucky football. He’s our new football coach, in case you ignored, forgot, or were comfortably under your basketball rock when all that hiring and firing went down. He’s going to talk about the first day of spring practice, which is something these football guys apparently do while the rest of us Big Blue fans are watching basketball tournaments and thinking about NCAA NIT Championships.

I think Coach Stoops can take your mind off of our basketball woes for … oh, 12 minutes and 48 seconds or so, if you’ll let him.

C’mon, ’Cats fans, there’s more to life than the NCAA basketball tournament. What if … nah, better not. Anyway, enjoy.