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Kentucky Women's Basketball: Selection Monday Live Blog

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As we do for the men, we will hold a selection day live blog. Coverage starts at 7, we will be on-line from about 6:30 on to discuss.

Jennifer O'Neill must lead UK Hoops if they are to win it all.
Jennifer O'Neill must lead UK Hoops if they are to win it all.

OK, The men are in the NIT. Get over it. We still have another team who will be playing in the NCAA Tournament, UK Hoops. Kentucky should be a #2 seed, and looking at a pretty favorable draw. Most models have them starting out in Lubbock, in a spot where they will be heavy favorites to make the Sweet Sixteen.

My huge complaint is that while UK is traveling, virtually every other 1-2 seeds will be playing either close to home, or on their home court for the first two rounds of the tournament. UK, which holds a superior advantage over their opponents in Memorial, will supposedly have to travel. It's wrong, not only for Kentucky, but for any other team in that situation. Either remove the home court advantage for everyone, or give it to all top seeds.

What to look for: Kentucky and Cal are basically dead even on the seeding line. Whatever one gets, the other should as well. They are basically the #3 and #4 2-seeds. Charlie Creme at has Tennessee as a #3 seed (getting to start out in Knoxville) and Texas A&M as a #4.

Georgia, LSU, Vanderbilt and South Carolina should also be joining the other three for a total of 7 SEC schools. I believe that ties a record for most teams in the tournament by conference which the SEC already holds. If you are into researching records, I suggest you read this book by Rick Nixon, available on-line for free. It covers every Women's NCAA Tournament record and result going back to the tournament's inception in 1982. Care to guess which women's team has NEVER missed the tournament? Care to guess which conference has appeared most times in every level of the women's tournament?

It is fair to say that the SEC has owned this tournament since it's inception as Tennessee has dominated it much the same as the Kentucky men have dominated theirs. It is time for the UK women to get in on the act.

So, join us, enjoy the show, and look for the weaknesses that UK can exploit on their way to a Final Four.