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NCAA Tournament 2013: Printable Brackets For Your ... Pleasure

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Get your hot, crossed 2013 NCAA Tournament printable brackets here!

Via SB Nation

Your official SB Nation printable NCAA Tournament brackets are fresh off the press. Just because Kentucky is not in this year’s field does not mean we should not care, nor should not pick our brackets.

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Nobody wants to see their team excluded, but unless you are a BW3 commercial, we won’t be seeing an expansion to 256 teams this year. Or even 128. So that’s the way it is.

Still, there are lots of teams to cheer for. If you are … well, like me, there is Western Kentucky, my alma mater. Others my prefer Louisville, who is in the same exalted spot as Kentucky last year, and in my view, rightfully so.

Of course, I trust all of you will be cheering for Indiana’s opponent, and most of you for Louisville’s opponent. That’s fine, too. Cheering a team out of the tournament is at least as tried-and-true a tradition is cheering for the winner. Did you hear that, Duke?

In any case, this is the NCAA Tournament bracket. Take it to your workplace and do whatever it is you do, and I hope that whether it involves a financial reward or not, you prevail over your enemies rivals.

I’ll have the NIT bracket up whenever that becomes available.

Go, ’Cats!