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Kentucky Wildcats: Afternoon Quickies - Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop Edition

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News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky waits for the NCAA Selection Committee to decide its fate. Bat Cats take game 2 and 3 from Florida Gators. Gymnastics sets record against Penn St., still loses. More.


The SEC Tournament is over, Ole Miss has won. Kentucky awaits its fate from the NCAA Tournament selection committee tonight. We'll have the open thread, of course, to either cheer or lament the outcome.

Tweet of the Afternoon:

That was big for Kentucky, winning their first SEC series on the road.

Your Quickies:

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Other news
  • Man trampled by Lexington police horse appeals dismissal of lawsuit //

    Lesson Learned: Don't stand in line near horses. (Hank)

  • Why Trolls Win With Toxic Comments // Slashdot

    The trolls are winning. Consider yourself warned:

    Researchers worked with a science writer to construct a balanced news story on the pros and cons of nanotechnology, a topic chosen so that readers would have to make sense of a complicated issue with low familiarity. They then asked 1,183 subjects to review the blog post from a Canadian newspaper that discussed the water contamination risks of nanosilver particles and the antibacterial benefits. Half saw the story with polite comments, and the other half saw rude comments, like: 'If you don't see the benefits of using nanotechnology in these products, you're an idiot.' People that were exposed to the polite comments didn't change their views really about the issue covering the story, while the people that did see the rude comments became polarized — they became more against the technology that was covered in the story.

    I've seen this effect thousands of times. Ignorance of a subject makes you more vulnerable to accepting what looks to be a passionate negative veiw than a reasoned positive one.

    We struggle with this all the time on A Sea of Blue. Fortunately, most of our commenters have the anchor of understanding reality. Those that don't, and try to drive negativism usually can't contain their vitriol enough to stay within the rules.

    Which is why we have them.